7 Things to Know before Dating a Boy in High School ...

By Sabrina

Dating a boy in high school will be an interesting ride to say the least! Teenage girls are often eager to jump into a relationship before they graduate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, before getting seriously involved with another teenager, you should know a few things about dating a boy in high school.

1 They Mature Later

black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, It's a pretty well known fact that boys mature slower than girls do, and that can play a major role in the development of your relationship when dating a boy in high school. You should always keep that in mind when you form a relationship at this point in your life; he will seem immature at times, and that's because he is. There isn't much you can change about that, so if you're accustomed to "fixing people" think again.

2 They're Just as Clueless as You

girl, emotion, interaction, friendship, fun, One positive aspect about starting to date at a younger age is that your partner is just as clueless as you are. Neither is more experienced than the other, in any respect. You can learn how the world of relationships works together, and that's something pretty unique to dating a high school boy.

3 They're Unpredictable

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, emotion, photography, Always keep your guard up when dating a teenage boy, because they're unpredictable and erratic. His brain is totally different than yours, so you need to expect the unexpected. Sometimes this can benefit you, like spontaneous beach trips or flowers on no special occasion. However, his capriciousness can also be the cause of some heartbreak, so beware.

4 Always Put Yourself First

friendship, girl, emotion, interaction, love, In the future, in a marriage or more serious partnership, this rule sort of goes out the window. But in high school, I think it's critical that you always put yourself first. Your future is still wide open and full of opportunity; any boy who can get in the way of that is not a boy to call your boyfriend.

5 He Might Push Boundaries

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, kiss, From the minute they're born 'till the day they die, boys are little rebels. They love pushing boundaries, and that won't go away when you're dating one. It's important to make known your opinions on things like sex, because if not, he may just keep pushing boundaries.

6 It Shouldn't Be a Secret

nose, kiss, romance, love, forehead, No matter what, your relationship shouldn't be a secret. Share your excitement right away with your parents after your first date. They deserve to know and will approve if they think he's appropriate for you and you're ready to take on a relationship. Your parents can offer you awesome advice and guidance throughout your relationship. Tell your friends too, because if they find out from anywhere other than your own mouth, they may feel hurt and confused.

7 This Isn't Your One and Only Shot at Love

football player, player, team sport, soccer player, sports, If, in fact, this relationship doesn't work out, don't worry too much. Of course, you can feel free to binge on Gossip Girl and Ben&Jerry's for a few days, but you shouldn't let yourself become fearful of a future without love because of this one jerk. You're still just a teenager; you'll have plenty of dates and boyfriends in the future. Your first boyfriend isn't your one and only chance at finding true love.

Whether you decide to wait until after high school to date or get started right now, you're going to have a successful romance! There is someone out there for everyone, the only question being "is it that hottie in front of you in Algebra?". If you've dated in high school, what advice would you give to other girls considering dating in high school?

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