11 Reasons Why Men Are Attracted to Older Women ...

By Meghan

11 Reasons Why Men Are Attracted to Older Women ...

Millions of single, beautiful young women are wondering why men find older women attractive. Even though we all look at these relationships skeptically, we shouldn't act so surprised. Older women have many admirable traits to offer a man who may be seeking a mature, experienced partner rather than an immature younger woman. Today, men are becoming more open minded to pursuing an older woman for all the right reasons. By talking to real men with an older woman in their life, I discovered exactly why men find older women attractive.

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1 Confidence

Confidence Older women know themselves better than anybody, which helps them exude confidence. Having that poise, assurance, and certainty is extremely sexy and attractive! Men adore a confident woman who has her own routine, and isn't afraid to be herself around others. This sexy assertiveness is why men find older women attractive. It is so much easier to spend time with a woman who is less demanding, more relaxed, and has a good attitude about life. With confidence comes less drama and more fun.

2 Responsible

Responsible An older woman is most likely a hard worker that has built a foundation for herself. Older woman tend to be more clear and focused and know exactly what they want. She can help guide and teach a man the ways of life and build up his drive, confidence, and self-esteem. The life experiences she has been through can also help a man stay grounded and realistic.

3 Independent

Independent Typically, most older women are perfectly happy with no strings attached. She does not need a man in her life to make her content. She won’t be clingy or needy and she can pay for her own dinner and drinks. Trying to play that hard to get game with your man? Think again! Older women won’t play games because they know exactly what they want. Emotional and financial independence is a huge turn on for a man.

4 Honesty

Honesty There is a level of honesty and trust that an older woman has learned to apply to her partners. Respect is very important in all areas of dating and relationships. An older woman has mastered this life skill and wants honesty, trust, and respect in return. She is not going to be impressed if the man is still trying to figure out how to juggle multiple dates, or come up with excuses about other women is his life.

5 Experience

Experience An older woman have been though more life experiences and more relationships. She knows the trials and tribulations of it all and is more mild mannered about relationship drama. Older women know how they want to be treated, so there aren't any mixed signals. An older woman is also more emotionally stable and is seeking a true connection with her man. She can also help the man learn more about himself and his emotions to ultimately be a better person, a best friend, and a long lasting partner.

6 Conversation

Conversation Once the initial attraction spark has faded, conversation is of utmost importance. Having meaningful conversations is refreshing and engaging especially if the woman has life experiences to share. Conversation doesn't stop at just life stories; learning and growing from each other through communication is what we all strive for in a partner. A man will appreciate an older woman who can bring more to the table than just sex and good looks.

7 Sex

Sex Older women definitely have more experience in the bedroom and she isn't afraid to tell her man exactly what she wants. She is over all of the insecurities and worries that can trouble a superior sex life. This open honesty and trust can lead to greater satisfaction for both partners. When we can satisfy someone sexually, not only does it feel incredible, but it also increases confidence and intimacy. Having the skills to please a man is another major reason why men are so attracted to older women. An older woman can be more playful, adventurous, giving, and entirely devoted to her man in bed.

Updated on 5/18/2023

Older women are often more confident and have a better understanding of what they want in the bedroom. They are less likely to be inhibited by insecurities or worries, leading to greater sexual satisfaction for both partners. This confidence can also make them more playful, adventurous, and open to trying new things in the bedroom.

Older women also tend to be more experienced in the bedroom, which can be a major turn-on for men. They can show their partners exactly what they want and need to feel satisfied. This can lead to a more fulfilling sex life for both parties.

Older women also tend to be more devoted to their partners. They are more likely to show their partners love and affection in the bedroom, and are more likely to be dedicated to pleasing them in any way they can.

Finally, older women are often more secure in their relationships. They tend to be more understanding and supportive of their partners, which can make them feel appreciated and more connected to them. This can lead to a deeper emotional connection and a more meaningful relationship.

8 Savvy

clothing,black,dress,little black dress,leather, Some younger men find that the fact that older women tend to be more realistic about their relationships is attractive. Whether they're in it for dating or a fling, older women are upfront and pragmatic about where they stand which means no games or mixed signals. An older woman typically puts what she wants out there and so both parties know where they stand.

9 Assertive

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,pattern, Asserting yourself in dating can be a super attractive quality. Again, there is no guessing or worrying about what the other wants or needs. This is a little different from confidence because this refers to how an older woman won't play games, try to make you jealous, or play hard to get whereas someone younger might be into that.

10 Sophisticated

clothing,footwear,fashion,denim,spring, Being older, whether female or male, usually means you're over the club scene and getting drunk every chance you get. Men who seek a sophisticated and mature partner tend to find these qualities in older women. Their tastes are more refined and they have a wide range of hobbies and interests.

11 Personality

clothing,spring,fashion,outerwear, Last but not least, men find that they are not only attracted to an older woman physically but also find that their personalities attractive as well. Older women have experienced more throughout their lives and just know themselves better which can result in a deeper connection in the relationship. They're more comfortable with themselves, handle themselves well in social settings, and have plenty of interesting things to talk about.

All of these characteristics that an older woman possesses can lead to a deeper connection with her man. Now it’s up to all the men out there to be open minded and willing to learn from a sexy, confident, and independent women. Are there any other reasons you can think of why men find older women attractive?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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Well I must say, I'm 27 (not that that is old) and I enjoy my own personality much more than I did in my early to mid twenties.

Love this! I'm 34 & bf is 25 & we have an amazing connection!

Like fine wine , we only get better with time!

#1 This pic of J-Lo is so fake. She's a beautiful woman who got a great set of genes but really... that skin looks like plastic - there simply isn't the need for this amount of "airbrushing". I know a lot of guys who will look through dating profiles and balk at girls who try to cover their "life" using filters. So what? You're 35 - don't try to look like a 16 year old - we want to see the lines because they're more beautiful to us!

I'm 34 and am with someone 10 yrs younger, who is here (New Zealand) on a long visit from England, neither of us expected to feel the way we do but now he is planning on staying here, I would have scoffed at this kind of thing a year ago, but sometimes you can't plan who you will fall for.

I guess it depends if the woman is a woman or a Lady

I also think this is a gross overestimation of older women and the younger men who seek them. Younger men like older women who look younger not their age and the reverse for younger women and older men. Also this notion of wanton sexual abandon that older women have is a myth. They know what they look like naked at 55 or 60 and given the statics right now in 2021 post COVID, the majority of plastic surgery is this age group. Not to say that’s bad but come on, who are kidding. Judging by the over filled lips, pulled faces, mermaid long hair extensions, broom like eyelashes and the Brazilian Butt Lifts, ageism is alive and making millions for the cosmetic / reconstructive plastic surgery industry. This is all done for both sexual market value and mate retention. Lastly, if you knew the increased number of labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation procedures today it would shock you. Does this sound like innate, life experience had, knows what she wants and takes no BS from men’s opinion? I think not. It’s about increasing sexual market value and playing at a losing game. They didn’t think about 58 when at 38 they were taking their husbands to divorce court and turning their pockets inside out. Ever wonder why some of them are financially stable.? It’s not money earned - it’s money awarded for their perceived pain and suffering. This is one take and it’s from a female family practice lawyer. Those marriages, many of them, could have been saved and the state of society would not be in the state of hospice care it is in now. So forgive me for being the contrarian here and not waiving the pink P -hat in the air for all the cougars. One thing this article also misses to touch on is the number of married men who have affairs with these supposed female seductresses who don’t need anything from a man. I speak from a view advantage that most don’t have but all I can tell you is it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Older woman may not have the same problems as younger women but they have just as deep seated conflicts as their younger counterparts.

My husband is 81/2 years younger than me, didnt seek out a younger guy just happened that way

Love and chemistry dont see age .


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