7 Things to Try when Your Marriage is on the Rocks ...


It can be a very scary feeling when your marriage is on the rocks. But there are times in most marriages when people are afraid for the longevity of their relationship. Thankfully, there are things you can do to get your marriage back on track. This list offers a lot of helpful advice to you. There are things you can do when your marriage is on the rocks to make it rock solid once again.

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Book a Vacation

I know, I know! There is nothing you want to do less than take a vacation with your spouse when your marriage is on the rocks. But the truth is that getting away together can help you to reconnect. A change in scenery may be just what you need to get back on track. When you get away from the everyday worries, you can both relax and enjoy each other. You feel more like talking and being close again.


Focus on the Positive

If you are always focusing on all of the negative things in your marriage, the negative things are going to seem like they are multiplying. There is a reason for this. Whatever you choose to spend your time thinking on is going to grow. So make the right choice and focus on the positive things about your spouse and your marriage. You may just be surprised to learn that all the things you were worried about don’t seem so bad after all.


Talk to Each Other

A lot of problems in marriage can be fixed if you can sit down and have an open conversation about them. Many times, you are both having thoughts about each other that are not accurate. You may have a lot of misunderstanding between you. That can be cleared up with a simple conversation. Ask your spouse to sit down and talk with you and see if you can clear the air.


Read Some Marriage Enrichment Books

Marriage enrichment books can offer a lot of valuable advice to you. But you need to be sure that you are choosing the right ones. Read lots of reviews before you purchase them. Ask around and see if any of your friends have read any. More than likely, you and your friends have similar views on marriage which make them the perfect person to ask.


Ask a Happily Married Friend for Advice

Speaking of married friends, if you have some happily married friends, consider asking them for advice. Ask them what it is that makes them such a happy couple. Ask them what they would do if they were facing the situation you are facing. Friends are always a better choice to talk to than family. Family cannot be unbiased as easily as a friend can.

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See a Counselor

While rushing out to make an appointment with a marriage counselor is not always the best idea, it is an option if you have hit a wall in your marriage that you cannot fix. A counselor can be completely unbiased. They also have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction. However, seeing a counselor can bring out a lot of emotions so it is best to be prepared for that in advance. That being said, many marriages have been saved by a knowledgeable marriage counselor.


Try Forgiveness

If you are holding on to past hurts, what you need to do is work on forgiveness. Unforgiveness will poison both you and your marriage. Do whatever you need to in order to let the past die. Sometimes forgiving someone is something you have to do through action first and the feelings follow later. Make the conscious choice to forgive your spouse and see if that changes the dynamic between you.

Don’t give up on your marriage if you hit a rough patch. Remember those first feelings you had for each other? They are still there if you dig for them. What has brought you through some rough patches in your marriage?

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Knowing a rough spot can\'t last forever...and that we are a family

Embrace the good times!try remembering why the two of you got married in the first place. Relive the spark.example kinky sex try something new. Been married going on two years and only 21

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