7 Things You Can't Change about Men ...


There are some things you can't change about men and you just have to deal with. If you are with a guy that you think that you can change, you might want to check out my top 7 things you can't change about men! That way, you'll know whether or not you are wasting your time with the guy! So ladies, let's explore some things you can't change about men!

1. White Lies

Ladies, these little white lies that he tells you are one of the few things you can't change about men. These are typically harmless little lies and when you find out that he lied, you likely aren't even mad about it. Everyone lies sometimes, so don't try to change his habits!

Looking at Other Women


The last one is wrong! He NEVER wants sex and I do. It's frustrating!
You forgot Porn.
Thank you so much Shikha! You are awesome too!
Heather u r awesome <3
Zoe Mercedes
Our relationship hasn't been going so well. I've been trying to change a lot about him lately. I thought it was better to break up because wanting to change a person that much is just disrespectful an...
@AJ, so do girls. lol
Wait so you being a guy, can I get my guy cleaner, like physically, shower more ect.?
I think all ladies could benefit from this info. From my male perspective, I know that there's certain things I'm always going to do out of habit. For instance, just because I look at another female doesn't mean I am dissing my current gf. It's just something out of habit.
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