How to Tell if It's Love πŸ’•or Lust 😍 for Girls Who Are Confused πŸ€” ...


Have you ever wondered how to tell if it's love or lust?

The thing about love is that you are never sure whether you are really experiencing the real deal or going through things you may confuse for love. It can be deceiving but with time you finally learn how to tell the difference and recognize the signs you're in lust. Looking back at your past relationships now, you can differentiate whether you were truly in love or just under the impression that you were. However to prevent any further confusion, here are some things you to help you learn how to tell if it's love or lust.

1. One-Sided Love: Don’t Settle Because You Are Comfortable

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Loving or liking someone is an amazing feeling but having someone who loves you is even better. We all want to mean something to someone and have that certain someone who will choose you over anyone else, which is why we sometimes believe we like someone more than we actually do, since they care for us more. It’s the selfish side of human nature but that is often what happens since it's one of the top things you may confuse for love.

Familiarity is Not the Same Feeling as True Love


Izzy B
Looks like not, haha
Is anyone there?
Izzy B
It was my first contact with a guy, first kiss and all that. We sort of grew up in a rough house together. According to the article, it doesn't sound like it was really love then, is it?
Izzy B
I have a childhood friend, and we now live on opposite sides of the ocean. He visited for a month and told me that he loved me, and kept on pushing until we ended in bed (sorry). But when he left he t...
Chris Lim
thick and thin together and feelings stays the same. That’s true love.
Chris Lim
Love itself is not just having romantically connected to someone. True love is tested when going through rough times like sickness, distance apart or lost of job even disparity in earnings can take a toil on love. Only where both is able to go through
Sasha Bianca
Is there any way I can get Needy brown's email address?
Yeah you should wait... I'm 55 now, have never met 'the right guy' and know that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. Pathetic, huh?
Thank you , this helped a lot
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