7 Things You Never Owe a Man ...


7 Things You Never Owe a Man ...
7 Things You Never Owe a Man ...

No matter how long you've been dating your boyfriend, there are things you never owe a man. Don't let him convince you that you're required to treat him a certain way when you're not. Being nice is a choice, not an obligation. Here are some things you never owe a man and should never feel bad about refusing to do:

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It doesn't matter if he paid for your dinner. It doesn't matter if he treats you like a princess. It doesn't matter if you've been married to him for ten years. Sex is one of the things you never owe a man. Whether or not you want to have intercourse is all up to you. Don't get guilted into doing it, because you have no reason to feel bad for saying no.


An Explanation

When you turn down a "nice guy," everyone will be asking you why you would do such a thing. However, you don't need to explain yourself to him or anyone else. If you're not interested, you're not interested. It's hard to explain that you just don't feel a spark, so don't waste your breath. It's none of their business, anyway.


An Apology

You should only distribute apologies when they're genuine. Don't spit out sorries, just because you feel like it's the right thing to do. Never apologize for standing up for yourself or for being a strong woman. Other people might not be used to your personality, but they'll have to learn to deal with it.



Even if you decide to marry a man, you aren't required to cook and clean for him. Yes, it's always nice to take care of your true love, but you should be doing it because you want to, not because you feel like it's a requirement. Your man is a big boy. He can make his own meal if you're not in the mood to cook.



You don't have to agree with everything your crush says in order to get him to like you. You don't have to laugh at every joke he attempts, either. If you really want to spend a lifetime with him, you'll choose to be yourself instead of someone who just pretends to love everything he does.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Your Time

If you're too busy to spend time with your friends, they'll understand. It should be the same with the men in your life. Yes, it's important to make enough time for your partner, but some weeks will be crazier than others. If you can't see him every single day, you shouldn't feel bad about putting your work first once in a while.



You give respect to people who have earned it. Being a man doesn't automatically make a person more valuable or more deserving of respect. If your male boss is rude to you, there's no rule about having to respect him. He needs to earn his respect, just like a woman would have to do.

As nice as it is to do the things on this list, they're not a requirement. You're in charge of your own choices, which means you can do as you please in life. Have you ever given one of these things to a man, just because you felt like you were required to do so?

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100% correct. My dad instilled these things mentioned in this article to me always. Made me a very strong woman. He had one extra rule not mentors here. Go to college and find a career that will allow you the ability to support yourself in the lifestyle you are a use to. Don't expect a man to take care of you. Well I must say I did do that and my life is awesome. I have a fabulous career husband & kids. So women be strong make yourself happy and be true to yourself. Namaste

@ Victoria. Don't. My BFF bought her bf then husband things Bcz as he would say you can. There divorced now and all the problems stemmed from money.

Yes my husband and I both where working and then I lost my job ( because of him might I add) he likes to be in charge if money and savings are all in his charge , I don't really try because he says he always ran everything... Now I want to leave I am depending on his goodness as to wether I get any money for my new start ..I learned now always have control by keeping your own account .. Before I chose to leave I was going to buy him a gift from our account .. He said what ? You going to use my money to buy me a gift ? .. How demeaning .. I will always have my wages go in my own account from now on .. In fact I will stay single so I have no problem

What if a guy was hurt by a girl he lived and doesn't want to get into relationships but you like him and he acts like he likes me ! Help me please

Their divorced***

Good article and very true . I would like to add money to this article. This has come up a lot in my relationship. My boyfriend goated me into buying him things I would really have not done. His great words are "because you can" which means I have it and he does not, so I should buy it for him (even if I don't want to) because I can. This is a very sore subject with me. How do u feel about it?

So true! Strongly agree on every point.

Lovely profound article totally agree with everything I'mNot a cooking person so made sure my hubby then bf had no issues with it he is better cook than me

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