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7 Funny Reasons to Go out with a Guy Who Has a Beard ...

By Corina

Beards have made a comeback now days and men all over the world have begun using their facial hair to complement their features. There’s just something about a little facial hair that gets women all the time. There is even a lot of research that shows that beards can keep guys younger-looking. Since men can’t wear make-up, a beard can even have cosmetic benefits like strengthening a weak jaw line or hiding acne or acne scars. If facial hair is not quite your thing, just read on and discover a few quite compelling and funny reasons that might make you change your mind. Here are 7 reasons to go out with a guy who has a beard that you should consider:

1 It is Sexy

You must admit that one of the most compelling reasons to go out with a guy who has a beard is the fact that beards are really sexy. Well, a nice amount of facial hair can be quite sexy, especially if it is nicely trimmed. Most men now days use beards as a symbol of manliness, strength, status and self-esteem and this way, they let women know that they can be good protectors.

2 They Are More Patient

Bearded men are more patient and understanding since growing a beard is a task that requires patience and calm. Also, keeping an attractive beard does require quite a lot of grooming and styling, so most bearded men have their own beauty routine and they will be conscious and understanding of your own.

3 Their Beard Keeps Them Wrinkle-Free

According to a recent study performed by the scientists at the University of Southern Queensland, “a man’s beard blocks up to 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays”, so you could even say a beard can be a real fountain of youth for some men, especially since the sun causes up to 90% of the visible signs of aging.

4 They Look More Mature

You must admit that a man with a nice trimmed beard really looks more mature, more masculine and more sophisticated. A study published in Evolution and Human Behavior has shown that 10 days is the exact length of time that a man shouldn’t shave so that women can find them the most attractive.

5 They Scare Away the Bad Guys

A guy with beard really seems more intimidating to other men according to a study published in Behavioral Ecology in 2013. The researchers think that this happens because a beard makes a man’s jawline seem bigger, something that can make him seem more aggressive when he is angry. So by dating a guy who has a beard, you won’t have any reasons to be afraid when you walk down the street holding his hand on a dark night.

6 People Will Take Them Seriously

A nice beard really gives a guy a strong air of seriousness. People will really listen to them when they talk and no one will mess with you if you are on the arm of a bearded man. Also, a man with a nice beard really cares about his appearance, since there’s a lot of combing and trimming involved in getting that beard to look just right.

7 They Are Sensitive

Most bearded men are really sensitive on the inside, despite their rough exterior. They are usually aware of their feelings and they do seem to have a way with words since almost anything that comes out of a mouth surrounded by a nice beard just sounds better. They are also confident and more caring in general.

For men, beards are the eyeliner to the face. A guy who has a beard also has cool interests, is usually outdoorsy, he looks strong and he is just hot. Do you know any other reasons to go out with a guy who has a beard? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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