7 Qualities Independent Women Should Always Look for in a Man ...

By Holly

It's entirely possible for an independent woman to be in a healthy relationship. Of course, that will only happen when she's with a man who understands her needs. If you're with the wrong person, then the relationship will crumble once you see one another's true colors. In order to avoid that type of heartbreak, here are a few qualities independent women should always look for in a man:

Table of contents:

  1. trusting
  2. secure
  3. social butterfly
  4. passionate
  5. patient
  6. loyal
  7. independent

1 Trusting

You're independent, which means that you're going to go out with your friends and have fun without him. You need a boyfriend who is trusting, so that he's not texting you every five seconds while you're out, wondering if you're cheating on him. He needs to be the type of person who's okay with the fact that your life doesn't revolve around him.

2 Secure

If you date an insecure man, he's going to get jealous easily. Whenever you spend time with another guy, he'll wonder if you'd rather be in a relationship with someone else. When you put your job before your relationship, he'll wonder if you even need him at all. That's why you need a man who feels secure, so that he never wonders if you're lying about loving him.

3 Social Butterfly

You don't want to be the only one out having fun, or he'll start to resent you. That's why you need to find a man who has a bunch of other friends he can spend time with. Then he can still enjoy his life when you're not next to him. Plus, it'll make him whine less about the fact that you're always out and about without him.

4 Passionate

You want your man to have a passion in life. That way, he'll spend his time doing useful things. Plus, people who are passionate are more likely to succeed, and there's nothing wrong with dating a guy who makes a decent amount of money.

5 Patient

You don't want to be with a man who freaks out if you come home from work ten minutes late without calling to tell him. You should date someone who is patient, so that he's understanding when your schedule gets a little hectic. If he gets mad every time you're a little late, then the relationship won't last all that long.

6 Loyal

While it's important for him to trust you, it's just as important for you to be able to trust him. If your schedule is busy and you don’t see him often, he'll have plenty of opportunities to cheat on you. Of course, if you're with someone who is completely loyal, you won't have to second guess whether or not he's telling you the truth about what he's doing while you're miles away.

7 Independent

An independent girl should be with an independent guy. You don't want to be the one stuck doing his laundry and dishes, because he can't handle a few chores, do you? If you can take care of yourself, you'll resent him for not being able to take care of himself. Plus, it's no fun playing the part of his mother. It's just weird.

Pay close attention to the qualities in your crush, because you don't want to start dating someone who won't be a good fit for you. What kind of guy are you looking for?

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