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This is How You Know You Found Your Lobster ...

By Neecey

Do you remember that episode from Friends where Phoebe exclaimed "She's your lobster"? What Phoebe was referring to is the fact that lobsters - unlike many other species in the animal kingdom - mate for life. If you find your partner for life, you're a lucky lady. So how do you know you've landed your lobster or caught a crab?

1 Spending Time Together

human action, hair, person, people, man, The first way of how to tell you’ve found your lobster is that you can spend days on end with them and you don’t get annoyed or get into any sill little arguments at all. Being able to live in perfect harmony with him at close quarters means is so important, and to be a true lobster, it is vital that you don’t get on each other’s nerves after 10 minutes!

2 Best Friend

human action, person, sports, jogging, running, The true point of realizing that he is your lobster is when it becomes pretty clear that not only is he your partner; he is also your best friend. This is an incredibly rare kind of love to find, so if you have it, make sure you attach those lobster claws and hold on with all your might. It’s too good to let go!

3 Protective

hair, person, sense, neck, photo shoot, One thing you know about your lobster is that you have each other’s backs, no matter what. Being on somebody’s side for support, even when you know that they are fighting a battle they cannot win, is a sign of true love and a sign that you have found somebody who you can rely on for the rest of your life.

4 Overlook Bad Habits

black and white, monochrome photography, photography, monochrome, film noir, You know someone is your lobster when you can see that they have a number of bad habits, but they don’t annoy you in the slightest. Somebody who is not your one true love could easily begin to grate on you with their annoying habits, but when it’s your lobster, you see them more as charming individual quirks more than anything else!

5 Shared Goals

black, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, fashion, Once you have found somebody who shares the exact same goals in life that you do, whether it is in a professional or personal sense, then you can truly say that you have found your life lobster. Being in love and involved with somebody who wants the same things that you do makes living out your dreams so much easier.

6 Trust

human action, person, people, romance, interaction, Probably the key element of knowing that you have found your lobster is the fact that you can trust them implicitly, knowing that they will never judge or betray you with regards to anything that you tell them. Complete trust is hard to find in a partner, so once you have it, never let it go!

7 No Big Issues

black and white, monochrome photography, interaction, nightisyong, A big sign that you have find your lobster is that even if you try, you find it very hard to find anything to argue about! Even though perfectly happy couples have rows every now and then, you and your lobster can be content with the fact that your perfect partnership means you never need to disagree about anything.

8 Family Approval

red, emotion, interaction, It is always a big thumbs up for your relationship when your friends and family approve. Approval from the ones you love means a lot, and it is also an indicator that your obsession with your partner isn’t guided by a blind sort of love. It suggests that he really is good for you and that you could start thinking about a future together.

Lobsters may be simple creatures but we humans can learn a thing or two from them about relationships!

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