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7 Sure Signs You're Falling in Love ...

By Kiley

The following are 7 signs you're falling in love. Every one has a different view and idea on what love means to them, but these signs you're falling in love will help you clarify for yourself what some of your feelings mean. It's always nice to read someone else's view on the "love" topic just to get an idea if those thoughts and emotions you are having are crazy or valid.

1 You Get Butterflies

This is one of the best signs you're falling in love. Every time my phone rings, I get a text, or I know I'm going to see my man I get butterflies in my stomach. There comes a point where the first date nerves turn into this can't stop smiling, can't wait to see your significant other butterflies. Even when you've been dating for a while you still walk around with this slap happy grin on your face that you can't get rid of. He gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you all tingly inside.

2 You Feel Safe in His Arms

Let me tell you girls, for all those who are not much of cuddle-ers, there is something about feeling comfortable when your boyfriend holds you in his arm. I was always that girl who wouldn't stay the night because I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep with a guy. Or even when a guy put his arms around me, I always wanted my space. I'm also an avid advice giver that if a guy wants to canoodle with you he'll ask you to stay or just grab you, but if he doesn't then stay distant. The only contradiction to that is sometimes a guy is as scared to lean in as we are. When it comes to falling in love there is a moment when your crush entangles you in his arms and you suddenly feel safe and happy.

3 First Person You Want to Tell Something to

I am a firm believer in being with someone you think could become your best friend. Any time something funny happens, you're bored in traffic, or just had a really bad day first thing you usually do is call your girlfriends. But one day you realize the person you want to call is the one your dating. Things become comfortable enough you don't worry what the other person is going to think of you because you want to tell them a stupid story. Wanting to tell your man things before your girlfriends is a great sign, just make sure you don't bore him to death or over do it. Remember your girlfriends are still there for a reason.

4 Consider the Other Person when Making Decisions

When it comes to making decisions you don't always put yourself first anymore. If you are thinking about changing jobs, moving, or wanting to go on a vacation, you think about the effects it would have on your crush. Even something as simple as wanting to go see a movie, you think if your man would want to see it too. If not, you of course grab a girl friend and hit the town, but either way he is the first one you think of when making decisions.

5 Sad when You Don't Get PDA

A lot of girls base their security around how affectionate the boy their dating is with them. If the guy you're with is hot and cold it makes you realize what you truly want. Its nice to look forward to the hand holding, and kissing, and nurturing you get from your man and when you don't receive that it makes you feel sad. Knowing how much he has an affect on you helps you realize to what degree you're falling for him. Sometimes girls if a guy is pulling back he either isn't into you anymore, or he's holding himself back so if it is bothering you make sure you speak up and say something!

6 Always on Your Mind

I'm gonna quote the ever famous movie It Takes Two and ask if you have ever had that, "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff" feeling? Maybe it's not that extreme, but it has a point to some degree. When you wake up and the first thing you do is check your phone to see if your crush called, and before you go to bed hoping he sends you a text saying good night, those are definite signs. It's okay to have your man always on your mind, just make sure you don't stop living your own life.

7 Comfortable Silence

This sign is pretty self explanatory. There's times when things are either going to be awkward or comfortable and they go along the lines of walking together, driving somewhere, sitting or just hanging out. You don't always need to be making conversation. Sometimes it's just nice to be together and enjoy the company. When you feel comfortable in those moments take that as a clear realization in where you are at in your relationship.

So, have you ever been in love? Have you ever watched out for any of these signs? Let us know!

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