Signs It's Time to Move out ...


Signs It's Time to Move out ...
Signs It's Time to Move out ...

Moving out from the home you share with your boyfriend is a big decision. Not only does it mean the relationship has run its course, but you have to think about where you will live. Big lifestyle changes come, especially if you went from your parents’ home to co-habiting. You’ve maybe never been through the home hunting process, considered living on your own, or thought of having housemates you don’t share a bed with. But, you can’t stay put if you are unhappy or through fear of taking a big step. If you’re seeing these signs, it’s time to move out.

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Alone Time

Alone Time Your favorite evenings at home are the evenings that he is out with the guys or working late. That’s not a good sign.


Zero Chemistry

Zero Chemistry You realize that you have more chemistry with the guy who takes your Starbucks order every morning that with the guy who you might be spending the rest of your life with!


You Don’t Appreciate Things so Much

You Don’t Appreciate Things so Much Even when he brings home something that you truly like, you find it hard to show much appreciation because quite frankly, you are just over this whole thing.


Little Annoyances Building up

Little Annoyances Building up All those little things he does that you used to think were cute quirks have now evolved in to full blown annoyances and you can’t stand them any longer


Pet Planning

Pet Planning You spend at least 30 minutes every day trolling through Petfinder to put together the list of eight cats you plan on adopting. Problem is, he hates cats, so why are you still looking?

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TV Cheating

TV Cheating You promised to watch all of Game of Thrones together, but as soon as he goes out you binge away on your own. No respect for a couple’s promise!


You Hate His Cooking Days

You Hate His Cooking Days Even though he is just trying to do a nice thing for you, you absolutely dread the days that he decides to cook dinner because you know you’re going to hate it.


Not Satisfied

Not Satisfied If you find yourself waiting for him to go to sleep at night and then rolling over to ‘satisfy yourself’, then maybe it’s time to consider whether the chemistry is no longer there.


Secret House Hunting

Secret House Hunting It has become a habit to look through all the local apartment listings just in case, and that is definitely not a sign of somebody in a solid relationship.


No Mojo

No Mojo You’re still having sex, but you’ve realized that you are just going through the motions and not feeling the vibes at all.


Toilet Seat!

Toilet Seat! Every time you go to the bathroom and see the toilet seat left up, you imagine all the ways that you can ever so slowly torture him.


Not Respecting His Stuff

Not Respecting His Stuff You have stopped caring about his personal stuff, and you have no regrets about eating that whole tub of ice cream that he shot gunned personally.


You Want Space

You Want Space He appears to be the only guy in the world that actually wants to spoon and cuddle, but you just want your space on the bed without his limbs in the way.


Toys, Toys, Toys

Toys, Toys, Toys You realize that you have bought more sex toys in the last three months than the number of date nights you have had with him.


No Imagined Future

No Imagined Future Whenever the topic of the future comes up with a friend, you always imagine your life without him around.


Smell Adverse

Smell Adverse You used to love to wear his clothes and smell them all day, but now there is something about his scent that grosses you out.


When the Cat’s Away…

When the Cat’s Away… You use his work trips and nights away to party harder than you have for ages and let loose.

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