Why Your Broken Heart Hasn't Healed According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Why Your Broken Heart Hasn't Healed According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Why Your Broken Heart Hasn't Healed According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Are you currently in a place in your life where the overwhelming feeling that comes to you each and every day is heartache? You might have only just broken up with somebody, or you might have broken up with them five months ago, but the horrible thing about heartbreak is that there is no set or defined timescale for how long it is going to stick around! However, if you are feeling particularly lovesick, then maybe astrology might be able to provide you with some insight. This is why your broken heart hasn’t healed according to your zodiac sign!

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You are ever the optimist, so you are still harbouring some slight hopes that your ex will come back to you. This is stopping you from being able to heal and move on.



You love to live in the past, so you are finding it hard to heal because you spend all day every day thinking back to the happiest moments of the relationship rather than the end.



You are still feeling broken because you are looking for other people heal your heart rather than doing the hard work to heal it for yourself. You can’t always rely on others to pull you out of the darkness.



You are not healed because you haven’t forced yourself to come out of your comfort zone yet. You feel safe in your sorrow, but it’s time to push the boundaries and seek happiness from the outside.



You are very stubborn, and you are not yet healing because you still refuse to accept and acknowledge that you have might have done just as many wrong things in the relationship as your ex.



You love to hold a grudge longer than anyone you know, but this only ever results in you still raging and heartbroken, and your ex potentially moved on with a new partner and new life already.



You haven’t healed yet because you haven’t been brave enough to spend some time alone. You have surrounded yourself with family and friends but this has meant that you haven’t taken a second to re-evaluate yet.



You are too proud to admit to anyone that you are still hurting, and as a result, you are giving yourself the opportunity to grieve for the relationship and then start to work towards getting over it in a healthy way.



You are not allowing yourself to even consider the breakup because you think that running away from your own thoughts will solve everything. You are going to have to come to terms with your heartbreak at some point in order to move past it.



You are too proud of a person to admit that your heart is broken in the first place, and therefore you push down those feelings and ignore them. They are going to bubble up at some point and cause a big problem.



You haven’t healed yet because you are still at a complete loss as to why the relationship ended in the first place. You need to seek an outside perspective for this because your judgment might be clouded.



You are a spiritual person who believes in things like fate and destiny, but because of this, you are just waiting for a sign to come along rather than doing any work to start healing for yourself.

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