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Exceptional Tips for Dating after Divorce ...

By Sici

Do you need some tips for dating after divorce? The world of dating can be a difficult one to navigate at the best of times, but when you are a divorcee who is looking to get back into the pool, things can sometimes be even more complicated. You might have children that you now have to take into account, you might be a slightly older single person getting back in the game, and most importantly, you might still be experiencing some confidence and general lifestyle hangovers from the separation and dissolution of your marriage. Just because you are divorced, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have just as much fun as somebody with a less coloured history. Here are some handy tips for dating after divorce.

1 Be Optimistic

Try to approach the new love interests in your life with the same optimism that you had before you experienced the more negative sides of being in a relationship. It isn’t fair to hold back with a new partner just because you and your ex-husband turned sour. This is one of the best tips for dating after divorce, but keep reading for more.

2 Heal First

You need to make sure that you are as healed as possible before you decide to put yourself out there again. If you are still experiencing major emotional hangovers from your divorce, then any small problem with a new date will feel a thousand times worse, and will only serve to set you back another month.


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3 Do What Makes You Happy

Don’t do things that you think are going to make you happy in the future, do what makes you happy right now. This might involve dating a few guys that you don’t necessarily see a future with, but that make you feel good in the present. It’s all part of the healing process.

4 Dating Village

Make sure that you have a ‘village’ of supporters around you before you decide to get back in the game. Friends and family who are sympathetic to your situation will be able to provide some great pieces of advice along the way, and of course, be a shoulder to cry on!

5 Understand Compatibility

Don’t try to find a date that reminds you of your husband in the early days of your relationship. Just because you were compatible way back then, it doesn’t mean that you need the same kind of personality now. Instead, think outside the box and consider giving chances to guys that you wouldn’t necessarily say were your type. You might be pleasantly surprised!

6 Low Expectations

Don’t go into every single date thinking that this guy is going to become the new husband to put your life back on track. That is unfair pressure to put both on yourself and on the guy who has no idea that he is coming into the date with so much on his shoulders. If you meet ‘the one’, then it will reveal itself naturally and in time, you don’t have to go around fishing for a new husband. A new husband will come to you if that is what you are so determined on finding.

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