7 Day Plan to Get over Him ...


7 Day Plan to Get over Him  ...
7 Day Plan to Get over Him  ...

Need a 7 day plan to get over him? Breakups are bad, messy situations and a lot of times you find yourself grieving for weeks. That ends now. Yes, you loved him but you’ve grieved enough. It’s time to move on. It’s not going to be easy, there is still a chance you won’t make it to the end of the week but you have to try. Life is too short to spend it crying over lost relationships. Here is a 7 day plan to get over him.

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Monday – Cry

person, nose, chin, girl, jaw, You have one day and one day only to fall down and cry. You are in a bad mood, you are sad, you need to feel it. So for this day you can cry over old pictures of you two, old texts and recall sweet memories and cry over them. You only have 24 hours to cry. Tell yourself you won’t drop another tear for him, after this day.


Tuesday – Anger and Confusion

human hair color, beauty, girl, cheek, long hair, After grief comes the anger and the confusion. Today you will make a complete evaluation of your relationship and get angry and confused over why it ended. You have the right to scream today – no crying though, you’ve been over this yesterday, no relapse – punch some pillows, break some things. And most importantly, throw away or return, whatever you think is best, all his gifts. Also, tear up the photos, delete his messages and his number and get rid of everything that reminds you of him. The best is to throw it all away but if you think you can’t yet, store it somewhere that you won’t see it. Feel your anger, but don’t be angry at yourself. Be angry at him, because he had a great woman and he lost her. His mistake.


Wednesday – Energy

sea, wave, water, wind wave, boardsport, It is only logical that after all the crying and the anger, your energy is at a zero. Time to pick it up. Go for a walk – don’t go to places you used to go together, try something new. Go swimming, go to the gym or work out at home. Eat a meal that will boost your energy and recharge your batteries. You’ve spent enough time on your couch, mourning your relationship. Pick yourself up.


Thursday – Spa Day

face, black, black and white, photograph, man, After all the bad days you earn a day to pamper yourself. Grab your best friend if you want to or go alone but go shopping, go to a hair salon, get your nails done, go to a spa to relax. And whenever you catch yourself thinking of him, remind yourself that this is a day to relax. Avoid thinking of anything that will cause you grief.


Friday – Hobby Time

people, photograph, black and white, facial expression, person, By day five you should be feeling a little better. Pick up a new hobby that you always said you wanted to do but didn’t have the time, even if you are going to go for only this one time. Or you can spend your day doing a hobby you already have. Reading, catching up on new episodes from your favorite TV series, go to a concert. Anything that makes you feel happy.


Saturday – Flirt

human hair color, blond, girl, finger, mouth, Saturday is the perfect day for going out. Grab your friends – after you specifically warn them not to mention him – and go to your favorite club or bar. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy and flirt all night. It is possible you won’t feel it and you will have various emotions at that time. It is possible you will feel guilty for flirting because your mind is still in relationship mode. But you’re not in a relationship, you are single and there is no reason for guilt. Casually flirting will boost your confidence and your mood.


Sunday – a New You

black and white, beauty, lady, fashion accessory, shoulder, And here you made it to the last day of the program. Well done. Today you should wake up a different person. Yes, you still think about him but this pain you were feeling on Monday is not that strong anymore. It’s more like an old wound than a new one. A little sore, not completely healed but not fresh with that stabbing pain either. Make sure not to go back to thinking about him 24/7 and erase all the progress you’ve done all week. Time for you to move on.

If he was one of the serious relationships in your life, getting over him won’t be easy. But it’s worth a try. You can’t waste your life on a relationship that ended. Even if there is a possibility that you will get back together, until it happens, move on with your life, not necessarily with a new relationship since it might be too early for that. Besides, it takes two people to form a relationship and two to ruin it. It ended, you mourned, time to move on.

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