7 Insightful Tips for Girls Dealing with Boyfriend's Bad Habits ...


7 Insightful Tips for Girls Dealing with Boyfriend's Bad Habits ...
7 Insightful Tips for Girls Dealing with Boyfriend's Bad Habits ...

If your boyfriend is annoying you constantly with all kinds of small things, you should know that there are quite a few effective ways to deal with his bad habits. Whether he leaves his dirty socks around the house, he doesn’t take the trash even though you asked him to do it three times already or he just picks random fights out of nowhere, he is still your boyfriend and you still love him. But you have to do something about those annoying habits of his so you can avoid losing your temper and endangering your relationship. Here are 7 tips for dealing with your boyfriend’s bad habits that you should consider:

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Take a Walk

One of the first things you should do to calm down when one of your boyfriend’s habits is irritating you is to simply get out and take a walk, since this can help you replenish your peace of mind. The fresh air and the exercise will help improve your mood and you will also be able to focus on other things that are making you happy. This will help you clear your head and you will be able to come up with a better solution on how to deal with your boyfriend’s annoying habits.


Take Deep Breaths

If you want to remain calm during a stressful situation, just take a few deep breaths since this will soothe your nerves a little. You will be able to respond to that situation in a calmer way and you will avoid a potential conflict that, in time, can damage your relationship.


Talk about Your Problems with Your Friends

It’s always nice to have a shoulder to lean on. If your boyfriend’s habits are annoying you and you don’t know what to do to correct them, you could ask your friends for advice on this matter. They might offer you some valuable insight and also, some techniques for dealing with those bad behaviors.


Positive Reinforcement

If you want to correct your boyfriend’s bad habits, you could use this technique since it will help you reach your goal. When your boyfriend is doing something nice, you could reward him but when he is annoying you with his bad habits, you could just ignore him. For example, if he remembers to do the dishes, you could reward him by giving him a massage.


Do Something Distracting

In order to forget about your boyfriend’s annoying habits, you could do something that makes you feel good. You could go watch a movie with the girls, go for a shopping spree or even read a few pages of your favorite book since this will improve your mood and it will help you forget about the thing that is making you upset.


Give Him Some Space

Your boyfriend can act a bit moody if he needs a little space for himself but doesn’t know how to say this to you without upsetting you. Just let him spend some alone time if you think that this might be what is causing his bad behavior. You could go out and have fun with your girls and this way, you’ll allow him to miss you.


Give Him the Chance to Speak His Mind

If there is something that annoys you about your boyfriend, give him a chance to speak his mind before losing your temper and starting a fight. He may not even realize that his behavior is making you upset. Just be calm and explain to him why his bad habits are annoying you and what he can do to fix the situation.

Everybody has flaws since we are all human and none of us is perfect. Just cut your boyfriend some slack every now and then and try to find ways to avoid starting a fight. Do you know any other tips that someone could use for dealing with their boyfriend’s bad habits? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I agree, @ E!!! Amen!

@aliza he shouldn't have a female friend, you're his female friend & when does see het you should be with him

What if he's seeing his female "friend" too much and that starts getting annoying?

Not helpful !

Aliza, try to find out more about this female "friend" like if she's single and ask your BF to introduce her to you

Dang Grace... I'm sorry babe but if I gotta do all that to keep a cheating man, I'll pass. Good luck Ma...

If he sees her too much he probably likes her. Sorry for saying that.

@aliza omg sorry I shouldn't have said that. But ur bf should not have female friends. I mean it is natural guys r attracted to girls. He shouts only have u in his female friend list. Stop him if u actually love him. If he doesn't kill him. Kidding. But there is no use loving someone who is interested in someone else. Just be very blunt with him tell him how u feel see how he reacts. I am telling I know this feeling but turns out the girl my bf was talking to was his cousin so ok. But keep an eye on him. This feeling might not be true he might not be interested in her at all. Just talk to him. Don't conceal ur feelings.

Im in the same situation. My boyfriend has a female friend. They became friends right around the time we became a couple. We fought about it. But at the end of the day i trust him. And should trust that he will make the right decision. He says she is just a friend and doesnt look at her that way and she is one of the guys. And he would never let someone jeopardize our relationship. I met her and she seems really cool. If you have no trust whats the point of being together. We have been together for 1yr. 6mos.

@aliza dude r u from Pakistan? U look like a Pakistani.

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