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Of course you want to know how to win a fight with your boyfriend if one occurs; we all do. None of us like to fight but if there is going to be one, then we certainly want to win. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed in the heat of an argument and become unable to think of the best way to approach the situation. Learning these little tips can go a long way to helping you know how to win a fight with your boyfriend the next time one occurs.

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Apologize when You Are Wrong

If you want to know how to win a fight with your boyfriend, one of the best tips is to not let it get to that point. If you know you are in the wrong, nip it in the bud by apologizing. If you are thinking that sounds counter-productive, it’s not at all. Everybody wins when there is no fight! One thing I can say about my relationship is that we are both quick to apologize and quick to forgive. If I see I have done something hurtful then I want to let him know how sorry I truly am.


Let Him Stew

Okay, ladies, I am going to be very honest with you here. If you are with a normal man then he is more than likely going to need to stew at times. Sometimes after there has been an argument in my relationship, I know he needs to have some time to stew and think. He almost always comes back to me sweet, calm and ready to work things out. Don’t let this upset you when it happens; realize he needs this time to think and will come back to you in a better frame of mind.


Shed a Few Tears

It is important to let your guy see your feelings when you fight. It can actually help the argument go in your favor. I would never say to fake a cry or make yourself cry, but if you are genuinely upset then let it show. There is nothing wrong with crying in an argument and there is no reason to sit and stuff your hurt feelings! When a guy knows he has hurt his girl, he tends to soften up.


Stay Calm

I don’t know about you, but being overly high strung never got me very far in an argument. Neither did losing my temper and yelling loudly. What I have found to help me in an argument is to stay calm. I have also found that when I remain calm, he does too. It is kind of contagious, in a good way. It is fine to show your feelings but don’t lose your cool.


Point out Logic

Logic is the language of men. You can go on all day and night about what you think and feel but those arguments will not hold up. They are too easy to pick apart. You need to point out the logic in your arguments. It is hard to argue with cold hard facts and if your facts back you up, then guess who wins?


Stick to the Topic at Hand

I once heard a term for when a couple begins to bring up things that have happened previously in their relationship. It is called ‘kitchen sinking.’ This term means that you throw everything in but the kitchen sink. Don’t do this; not only is it not relevant to the present issue, but it will not help you in an argument. It just makes the argument bigger, like throwing fuel on the fire. If you begin to get off subject, remind your boyfriend what you are arguing over.


Express That You Hate Arguing

Sometimes if you can express to your boyfriend that you hate arguing with him, he will agree and you suddenly find you are on the same page. Usually your boyfriend will be more willing to work things out at that point. I have found that if you can find a point you are on the same side about, it really helps - even if it is just that you hate arguing. A lot of times the argument will just fizzle at that point.

Arguing is no fun for anyone. Which of these tips do you plan to try out? How do you win an argument with your guy?

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Crying always works! Guys automatically feel bad lol

Just start playing with your boobs! Lol It's amazing how quickly the argument will end!

Crying I liked it

None of that works for me!!

I agree with you , yes , I need friends but the relationship must be in surface especially with women , because they are annoying loooooool

Need help on my love life can any body help?

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