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7 Tips for Making Him More Romantic ...

By Amy

Raise your hand if you wish your man was less romantic and you don’t need tips for making him more romantic. No-one? I didn’t think so. No matter how independent and strong we ladies are, a part of us (no matter how small) wishes that our guy would sweep us off our feet. We want the happily ever after, and we want our own real live Prince Charming, but most of us do not live that reality. Your man may be a great provider, father, friend, lover, or housemate, but is he really as romantic as you wish him to be? Read on to learn about tips for making him more romantic.

1 Be Romantic

This may seem like the last thing you should do in order to bring out the romantic side of your man. Trust me ladies, this tip is usually overlooked when women discuss tips for making him more romantic with their girlfriends. You can set an example by doing little romantic things for him. He may not appreciate the little things like you do, but he will notice and want to return the favor. Don’t do things for him in hopes of getting something in return, though, because you may be disappointed.

2 Make Sure He Knows How Much Romance Means to You

Ladies, when it comes to women, men don’t always know what to do. I know, you are surprised to hear this, but keep reading. Just because it’s obvious to you that a part of showing love is romantic gestures does not mean it’s obvious to him. He may equate sex with romance. He may not realize that you need romance outside of sex. Calmly tell him. Bonus if you put on something a little sexy to get his attention.

3 Reward Him when He Does Romantic Things

When he does something romantic for you, even if it’s a small gesture, let him know you noticed and appreciated it. Did he open the car door for you? Thank him with a gentle touch. Did he bring home your favorite chocolate just because? Thank him with a kiss and offer to share. Okay, maybe sharing your chocolate is going too far, but you get the picture. Reinforce the behavior that you desire.

4 Spend Time Doing Something He Likes

Find an important thing to him (like video games) and spend time doing that activity with him. You don’t like it, but chances are he doesn’t care much for being romantic, but will do it just to please you. Most activities are going to bring out the fun, playful side in you both, making it easier for him to be romantic in the stress-free moment.

5 Be More Loving

Kiss and show affection in public. No, I’m not saying to do anything inappropriate or that would make your children (future or current) want to gag. Just offer little signs of affection that you haven’t been giving him. Kiss him hello and goodbye every day. An enticing text is also a pretty useful tool. All these little gestures will get you both in the mood of being more loving, and romance is sure to follow.

6 Praise Him for the Things That He Does That You Appreciate

Let him know how much you appreciate him and how much you need him in your life. Thank him for working hard to provide for the family or to pay for the destination vacation you have been wanting. An appreciated man is a happy man and a happy man is more likely to be a romantic man.

7 Don’t Put Him down for Not Being Romantic

Do not nag him about not being romantic. Do not insult him by comparing him to your more romantic exes. Think about it, if he complains every single day about how you load the dishwasher, what will you do? You will restrain yourself from throwing a plate at him and tell him to load it or you will load it the way you like, to just to spite him. Okay, some of you may load it the way he requests, but not this girl. So if you complain that he is not romantic, he will continue not being romantic or he will be romantic with a grudge. If he doesn’t love being romantic to make you happy, then there is not point to romance is there?

So tell me ladies, have any of you had any luck making your man more romantic?

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