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7 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Buy You a Drink ...

By Rebecca

If your wallet is tight on a night out, and you see a handsome guy eyeing you at the end of the bar, you may want to read these tips on how to get a guy to buy you a drink. After all, who doesn’t want free drinks? But at the end of the night, remember to drink responsibly and stay focused on your magical conversation. Take my advice, and get the secret scoop on how to get a guy to buy you a drink.

1 Get Him to Notice You

The number one tip on how to get a guy to buy you a drink is to first get him to notice you. Make yourself look sexy by showing a bit of cleavage, applying some lip gloss, or subtly playing with your hair. Start dancing with your friends and make eye contact with him. Give him a sign that says that you are interested in him. He’ll hopefully take the hint, and head your way. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll buy you a drink.

2 Flash Him a Little Smile

Every person likes attention and affection from others. When you flash him a subtle and brief smile, you are giving him a friendly and warm gesture that tells him that you are approachable. He’ll like the attention and will come over to talk to you. Give it a couple of minutes, and you’ll be holding a drink in your hand.

3 Position Your Body toward the Guy

You want to show your guy that you are interested. Use your body language to flirt and make him notice you. If you’re at the bar, sit with your legs crossed and position your body partly toward your guy. This position leaves your body open with some space for him to sit next to you and buy you a drink.

4 Sit Next to Him

If he’s already sitting at the bar, grab the opportunity and take the seat next to him. It will signal to him that you are taking the initiative, and if he’s single, he’ll talk to you. Play nice and sweet, and you’ll have a drink in no time!

5 Say a Few Words and Walk Away Confident

Men love confident women, so act confidently by going up and saying a few words to him. Men also like a good chase. Therefore, after you’ve spoken to him for a bit, walk away. He’ll go after you, and will offer to buy you a drink to make you stay.

6 Ask Him a Question

If you’re someone who is a bit shy, the best way to approach a guy is by asking him a question. This is a simple way to start a conversation with him. He’ll like the bold move, and will get you a drink.

7 Drop Your Purse in Front of Him

I know this may be the oldest trick in the book, but it certainly works! If you "accidentally" drop your purse in front of him, he’ll reach to help pick it up for you. At this time, he’ll also be checking you out! He’ll then offer to buy you a drink to make up for what happened. It’s that simple!

Whether you want a free drink from a guy, or something more, follow my tips. The men will flock to you! What do you usually do to get a guy to buy you a drink? Have you ever done anything wild to get a free drink? Have any funny stories?

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