7 Tips on How to Tell Your Crush You like Him when You Lack Confidence ...

By Corina

7 Tips on How to Tell Your Crush You like Him when You Lack Confidence ...

I’m sure you’re all familiar with that situation when you fall really hard for someone and you might think that he likes you too, only that he’s too shy to admit it; well, that’s why I thought you would like to know what’s the best thing to do in that specific situation, so I wanted to share with you a few ways to tell your crush you like him. Of course, there is a huge variety of ways to tell your crush you like him; you just need to find the one that best suits your needs and personality, and his. At first, this might seem a little hard to do, especially if you lack confidence, but you will see that with a bit of practice, you will find the strength you need to confess to him your true feelings.

1 Make Sure You Really Have a Crush on Him

When it comes to ways to tell your crush you like him, first of all, before doing anything else, make sure that you really have a crush on him. Make sure you really like him and he’s not just a fling that you’ll get over in a few days. Because if you do decide to act and you tell him about your feelings, and it turns out that he likes you too, only to change your mind a few days later, you’ll only hurt him and break his heart. So, make sure that your feelings are real before saying anything to the one you like.

2 Find out about His Interests

Before saying anything to your crush, take some time and study him. Find out what his interests are, what he likes and what places he likes to go to. Does he like to read, play a video game, watch a movie or does he enjoy music? You should know these things about him ‘cos this way, you’ll see if you have common interests and it will be easier for you to tell him about your feelings and ask him out.

3 Buck up!

If you think about telling your crush you like him but you fear you don’t have the confidence to go all the way, just cut the whining and buck up! Think about the wonderful results of your action! If you do tell him, there might be a big chance that he likes you too, only that he hadn’t found the perfect moment to tell you that. So, take a chance and go tell him! It’s better to risk a bit than to regret later that you haven’t done it.

4 He Doesn’t Read Your Thoughts

Don’t expect him to read your thoughts! This is the biggest mistake you can do when it comes to telling someone you like him. Don’t just think that he can figure out what your feelings are by your behavior! No one can read anyone’s thoughts. Also, some people may not pay too much attention to other people’s behavior, so he might not receive your message. The best thing to do is to just go and tell him you like him. He will surely appreciate your courage.

5 Become His Friend First

If you really like a guy, but both of you are too shy to admit that you have feelings for each other, then make sure you become his friend (possibly even his best friend) first. By doing all sorts of things together, it will be more likely for you to find the perfect moment to tell him how you feel. Just pay attention not to stay in the friend zone too much ‘cause this may harm your relationship, especially if you want more from him.

6 Don’t Tell Him You like Him on a Social Network!

I know it may sound tempting to tell him about your feelings on a social network site, especially if you’re a shy person and you lack confidence, but that’s not the answer to your problem. Don’t hide behind a nickname or behind your social network identity! It should be the real you who tells him about your true feelings. It’s something special and special things aren’t told through a social network, they are told up front ‘cos it’s also much more natural to do it in person.

7 Just do It!

I know at first it may sound a little hard to do, but it really is as simple as that: just do it! You should always keep in mind that there’s no better time to do it like the present and that it’s better to regret something you’ve done than something you didn’t do. Try to be mature and focus on what you want, and I’m talking about your crush. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell him about your feelings; you’ll have more to lose if you don’t do it. So, buck up and just do it! You’ll be perfectly fine! Don’t worry!

So, there you go; these were my tips on how to tell your crush you like him when you lack the confidence to do it. So, have you ever told your crush you liked him? How did you do it? Do you know any other ways to tell someone you like him that I haven’t mentioned here? Please share your advice with us in the comments section! I would surely love to know more ways to tell someone how you feel about them!

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i think my crush dump me

My best friend and I have been friends with benefits for almost a year now. He always asks me if I'd been with anyone else besides for him, and has told me he liked me twice. The last time he told me he liked me was two months ago when I wasn't sure how I felt. I can't get him out of my head now. I'm terrified to tell him because I'm unsure of where he stands at this point, and I don't want to lose an amazing friendship. Ps should I cut him off of benefits?

Hey I have been talking to this guy for over a year and I have a crush on him. The texts gets a bit firty sometime how can I tell if he likes me???

I told my crush I liked him on snapchat and I was way to shy to talk to him so now he dosnt like me anymore how would I get him to like me again without sounding needy ???😔

So I really really like this guy, I think it’s my first proper crush. but I’m too shy to speak to him often. he goes out of his way sometimes to help me out (he once got told off by a teacher because he didn’t listen and got out of his chair to hold a door open for me.) he’s quite popular and it scares me because I’m worried that if I tell him how I feel and he tells his friends that I’ll get teased about it (I don’t like his friends they’re not nice.) he seems to be nicer towards me than he is to others but I don’t know how to start a friendship off with him never mind admit how I feel. Please offer any suggestions ha

I have a crush on a guy and I think he likes me how should I casually tell him I like him?

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