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If you think you’ve met the perfect man, if he really makes you feel unique, loved and appreciated for who you are and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, well maybe it’s time for you to act and learn a few ways to show him you are the one. First of all, you must make sure your feelings are serious and that you've really known that man for quite some time, and it’s not something that it will pass after a few months. Also, you must be aware of both his qualities and his flaws before you decide to take this big step. If you really know all there is to know about the man of your dreams and you are absolutely sure you want to spend every waking moment with him, here are a few fun and simple ways to show him you are the one.

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You Can Take Care of Yourself

One of the most important and simple ways to show him you are the one is is by making sure you show him you’re an independent woman who can always take good care of herself. You mustn't sound too needy! Nobody likes to be with someone who’s not able to take care of herself and who’s constantly whining and complaining about everything. You want to marry the man of your dreams? Well, you should first prove him that you are strong enough to always be by his side.


Don’t Smother Him!

If you’ve decided you want to spend the rest of your life with this wonderful man that is now your boyfriend, try to control your impulses and do not overwhelm him by always showing him how much you love him. Don’t smother him! I’m sure that by now he must be aware of how special he is to you and he must know how much he means to you, so just give him some time to make up his mind. Don’t pressure him!


Say I’m Sorry

I know that sometimes it can be hard for you to admit you did something wrong and apologize. If you really want to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams, then you must make some effort in order for your relationship (and your marriage) to work. Learn to admit your mistakes and say I’m sorry. Don’t let your pride get in the way! Your man will appreciate your honesty, will love you even more and he will also see what a great catch you are.


Embrace His Flaws

If you want to show your boyfriend you think he really is the one for you, then first of all, you need to show him that you love him for who he is, that you are aware of both his qualities and his flaws. Just try to embrace his shortcomings and don’t try to change him or transform him into someone he’s not! You want to be loved for who you are and so does he. Just accept him the way he is and try to see the good side of his imperfections.


Surprise Him!

I’m sure your man already knows what a great catch you are, but if you want to help him make up his mind and take the big step and propose to you, then you should try a little harder to make your intentions a bit more obvious. And, what other great and fun way to show him he is the one than by surprising him every single day. You don’t need to go over the top, you can show him your love and appreciation by making him little but meaningful surprises.


Give Him His Space

I know this may sound a bit counterproductive, but by giving your loved one his space, you can show him you love him just the way he is. Everyone needs his space, even you. So, give him “guy time”; you can even suggest that he should do that more often. He will really appreciate the fact that you understand him and that you’re not trying to change him. Just like you need to spend some time with your girlfriends, he also feels the need to relax with the guys, play some video games or drink a couple of beers.


Thank Him for the Little Things

One of the easiest ways to show your boyfriend he is the one and that you want to spend every waking moment with him is by thanking him for every little thing that he does. Express your gratitude for the smallest things! He will feel appreciated and loved and you will also help increase his self-esteem. He will realize that he feels amazing spending every little moment with you and he will definitely take the big step forward into becoming your husband.

There are a lot of different ways to show the man of your dreams you really are the special lady that he’s been looking for. You must remember that he will treat you with the same amount of respect, commitment and love as you do. So, try to keep that in mind if you want to give him that extra push to show him your true intentions. Do you know any other simple yet effective ways to show your man you are the one? Do tell!

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how to know that he is honest and wants a long last relationship ?

Love him and show him that you\'re no drama queen and you\'re a grown woman!!! You will truly find that he will respect you and want you around more.

co-independence, yeah!

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