Traits of a Man Eater with an Appetite for Broken Hearts ...


You might think that being called a man eater is a compliment. However, it's not something that you should aspire to be. After all, why would you want to go around breaking random boys' hearts on purpose? It shouldn't bring you joy to cause other people pain. To avoid becoming a man eater, here are a few of their negative traits that you should avoid developing:

1. Man Eaters Are Impulsive

Man Eaters Are Impulsive

Man eaters don't always think before they act. They'll make a move on a man without thinking about the consequences. That can lead to a whole lot of trouble, especially if the man is married or someone that she works with. Of course, she won't care about how many people she hurts, as long as she has a good time.

Man Eaters Are Selfish


peony blue
No such thing as a man eater until a man allows it!
Both "man eaters" and "players" are bad lets get that straight. It's not a gender thing, both are bad. Screwing with people's emotions is wrong, just wrong
Being a man eater sounds like being a man. When it's a guy "oh he's a player but he's not all bad he can change" when it's a woman "oh no she's a heartless whore lets banish her to the Woods". There's nothing I hate more than double standards
At this day and age you can't play those kinds of games with people's feelings there are some that might not be able to handle the up left of joy or happiness then the big disappearing act it's cruel on both ends .let the games end life is to short.
Agnes Eccles
What men can do, women can do better!
I guess I am a "man eater"! Ha!
Bettina Julie
I find this offending as a women. Men are expected to be players but once a girl shows any signs to be a player, society bashes her. Girls can be a man eater to selective men on their life. Choose wisely and know the consequences!
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