7 Types of Men That Totally Aren't as Bad as They Seem ...


There are certain men that we're told to stay away from. However, if you listen to generalized advice, you might miss out on something great with a genuinely good guy. That's why you shouldn't believe every stereotype that you hear about. Here are a few types of men that aren't as bad as they seem:

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Guys Who Can’t Hold a Conversation

hair, facial expression, person, hairstyle, facial hair, You want to date someone that you're able to talk to comfortably. However, just because he sucks at texting doesn't mean that he sucks at talking face-to-face. That means you shouldn't give up on him, just because he says "haha" and "k." Try hanging out with him in person and seeing if he acts any differently. If he does, and you two start to date, his texting will eventually become more relaxed.


Guys Who Have Never Been in a Relationship before

Guys Who Have Never Been in a Relationship before You shouldn't say goodbye, just because he's never had a serious girlfriend before. After all, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's a player. Maybe he's just never found the right person before. The fact that he wants to date you when he's never dated anyone else can be a major compliment.


Guys Who Have Baggage

Guys Who Have Baggage Really, who doesn't have baggage? If he's been cheated on, or if he's dealing with his parent's divorce, it's not a big deal as long as he's trying not to dwell on it. After all, every man you meet is going to have some sort of baggage. It's impossible to find someone without any hangups.


Guys Who Want Sex Badly

Guys Who Want Sex Badly You don't want to settle for a guy who only wants you for your body. However, you can't fault a guy for wanting to have sex with you. It's something that all men want. As long as he's not peer pressuring you or making you uncomfortable in any way, you should be flattered that he finds you attractive.


Guys Who Take a While to Text Back

Guys Who Take a While to Text Back No, it doesn't take long to text someone back. However, he might actually be busy. If that's the case, then you should be happy that he doesn't bend the rules at work by texting behind his boss' back. If he plays by the rules, that's a good thing. As long as he's not purposely ignoring your messages, you don't have anything to worry about.

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Guys Who Aren't Close with Their Families

Guys Who Aren't Close with Their Families Yes, men who are close to their mothers usually treat other women with respect. However, if he's not close to his mom, it doesn't mean he hates women. Some people come from unhealthy families. You can't blame him for keeping his distance from abusive parents. So if he has a good reason for not being close with his family, it shouldn't be a deal breaker for you.


Guys Who Are Afraid of Commitment

Guys Who Are Afraid of Commitment You don't want to date someone who tells you he hates the idea of marriage. However, if he's open to the idea, it shouldn't matter if he's a little scared. Aren't you scared, too? Marriage is a huge commitment, so it would be weird if you two weren't a little nervous about the thought of it.

Some men aren't as bad as they seem. Have you ever dated a guy that fell into one of these categories?

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This was great! I totally dismissed 2 "potentials" because of three of the topics mentioned in this post. I might reconsider now:) Thanks!

I don't like some of these lol just my opinion

For #5 what if he texts you very late..and it might not be cuz of work.. it might be he's with another girl?

I almost dated a guy but he said he was afraid of commitment and that's why he hadn't asked me out yet but that has yet to happen

I'm dating one now who is afraid of commitment. Lol

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