7 Tried Tips on How to Make a Man Commit ...


How to Make a Man Commit tips are sometimes hard to follow. Don't you find that? Sometimes, your man might not want to commit. He might not be ready to commit. Don't worry ladies, if you're in a relationship that you're having a hard time getting him to commit to you, I've got your back. Below, I'm going to explore the top 7 how to make a man commit tips and tricks that I know work! After all, learning how to make a man commit shouldn't be a chore right?

1. Listen to Him without Judgment

One of the biggest complaints that a lot of men have about their girlfriends is that they don't listen. A lot of men feel as if they are just a pawn in our game. If you want to learn how to make a man commit, you want to start by listening to him. The listening also comes without judgment. If his opinion differs from yours, don't belittle him for it, just debate about it – a friendly debate. He wants to know that you understand him and his opinions fully, just as he understands yours.

Make Him Feel Special
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