7 Types of First Kisses You Can Have in Your Lifetime ...


Unless your first love is the one you marry, you’ll have several types of first kisses. Since all men and all relationships are different, no two kisses are the same. Some are highly sought after, while others are not so desirable. Here are the different types of first kisses you might have already had:

1. Public Kiss

Public Kiss

These kisses are the most common when you’re young. You’re at a boy-girl party, and your friends keep teasing you about your crush. Or maybe you’re at school on the playground with him, and everyone is urging you to kiss. You feel like it’s something you have to do, and you give him a quick peck on the lips. Out of all of the different types of first kisses, this is the most public one. It’s more for your friends than it is for you.

Goodbye Kiss


love it! personally I'm hoping for the perfect kiss. fingers crossed!
I tried kissing two guys and missed both times 🙈 so embarrassing! still haven't had my first kiss 😁
Anna Rubailova
It was a perfect kiss when I was lying on a couch with a guy I have a huge crush on. I was sharing my favorite music with him, having my head leaning on his chest. Oasis song was playing when he turne...
ok i have never had my first kiss but this is what i want it to be like
love da post..!!
Jas Escalera
So cute! And sooo true
Areej Hameed
Forever alone😊
I never had a first kiss but how do I find a guy I like ? I looked everywhere but can't find the him. Help!
I really like this post :)
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