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9 Things Happily Married Women Know about Men That You Need to Know Too ...

By Corina

You might be wondering, what are the things happily married women know about men that makes them so successful in their marriages? What secret weapons do they use? After I did my research, I found out that there are in fact a few interesting secrets or, better said, things happily married women know about men, things you should know too in order to one day have the marriage you always dreamed of.

1 You’re Marrying His Entire Family

While most single women tend to focus only on their partner or on their partner’s needs, married women know that, if they want their marriage to always be as happy as it was in the beginning, they must be aware of the fact that once they married their husband, they married his entire family too. This is one of the things happily married women know about men and I do believe that you should know it too. If you want to win the love of a man, you should first gain the respect and appreciation of his family.

2 Your Husband Can’t Satisfy All Your Needs

Most married women know that your husband, no matter how hard he would try, can’t possibly meet all your emotional needs. So, don’t be too demanding, because you could make your man feel like a failure and in time, he could even distance himself from you. A lot of women want their husbands to figure out what are their emotional needs and then meet them. Well, that’s just not possible, so think again before you ask your man to do that!

3 Laugh Together

I know marriage is a serious thing, but try to have fun along the way. I once read that “Laughing together will keep you together.” Try to make each other laugh as often as possible and keep your sense of humor. It will be easier to overcome your problems with a big smile on your face. Also, laughing is the best way to keep your love bond strong over the course of time. So, don’t forget to do that now and then, no matter how upset or exhausted you may feel!

4 Know Your Husband

Another one of the secrets happily married women know about men is the fact that you really need to know your husband if you want to have a happy and fulfilled marriage. You must be aware of the fact that his needs do differ from your own and that he might have some qualities that annoy you, even if those qualities didn’t bother you so much when you were dating. By being aware of the things you don’t like that much about your husband, you will know how to take care of certain problems and how to resolve certain conflicts that may appear along the way.

5 Your Husband Has Emotional Needs Too

It’s really important to be aware of the fact that you are not the only one who has emotional needs. Your husband has them too, and they are just as important as your own. Try not to hurt his feelings next time you’re in a fight, just think about his feelings too and realize that they’re just as important as yours.

6 Don’t Forget Why You Love Him

After a while, in every relationship, you might tend to forget the reasons that made you fall madly in love with him. Try to remind yourself once in a while what exactly was it that made you love him. Was it his kindness or sensitivity or was it his gorgeous smile or his chiseled looks? Just take around 5 minutes every week to visualize your relationship and the things that made you fall deeply in love with him.

7 Compliment Him More Often

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and praised for their achievements, and it’s only logical that your man needs to hear that you admire him not only for his professional achievements but for the way he looks too. So, try to compliment him more often and remind him of the things that make him so special, things that made you fall madly in love with him.

8 Give Him Space

Just like you, your man also needs his space. Don’t make him feel suffocated or clustered inside your relationship or marriage! Give him “guy time,” because just like you need to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, your man also feels the need to spend some time with the guys, drinking some beer, playing some pool or some video games. Don’t smother him; just give him his freedom! It’s the right thing to do.

9 Don’t Try to Change Him!

Happily married women know that they shouldn’t even try to turn their husbands into someone they’re not, because they are aware of both they’re qualities and their flaws and they accept them just the way they are, without trying to change them in any other way. Don’t forget, in time people do change, they evolve, they become better or worse. Just let him discover all by himself if there are things he needs to change, then just let life happen and blossom together!

These were the things I found out happily married women know about men. Do you know any other important things we single ladies need to know in order for our relationship to turn into a successful marriage? Please share your advice with us in the comments section!


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