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7 Things We All Wish a Guy Would do for Us ...

By Holly

There are things we all wish a guy would do for us, even if we don’t admit it. It’s nice to have a bit of romance in your life, even if it doesn’t happen all the time. We just need small moments to tell us how much our man cares. There are things we all wish a guy would do for us, just once or twice in our lives.

1 Whimsical Writing

Wouldn’t you love your own personal song, poem, or love letter? It would be nice to know that a man liked you enough to compose something about you. It means that you’re on his mind and that you mean something to him. One of the things we all wish a guy would do for us is show that he cares through his words. Actions can say a lot, but that doesn’t mean that the power of words should be ignored.

2 Unexpected Romance

You expect him to treat you well on your birthday or anniversary. You don’t expect him to be romantic on a random afternoon. Receiving flowers or a nice meal randomly will make your love for him grow. He didn’t have to do something sweet, but he decided to because he loves you. Unexpected romance is a nice reminder that you have a guy that would do anything for you.

3 Saved from Sickness

When we’re little, our parents take care of us when we come down with the flu. When we’re older, being sick stops being a time when we’re pampered. If a guy brings you soup or medication when you’re feeling under the weather, it’s greatly appreciated. It means that he likes you enough to risk getting sick himself. Of course, you’ll have to return the favor when he catches your sickness.

4 Fight for Us

If you have an argument and storm out of the house, you want him to chase after you. If there’s another girl that’s interested in him, you want him to choose you without a second thought. After a fight, you don’t want him to end the relationship. You want him to try to work things out with you. If he really cares, then he’ll find a way to make things better again.

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5 Turn off Distractions

Have you ever felt like you’re invisible? When you’re hanging out with him, you want his full attention. You don’t want him to be distracted by his phone or a video game. When he’s focused on something else, it’ll make you feel like he doesn’t care that you’re around. It’s a confidence boost when he shuts off his phone and shuts out the rest of the world, just so he can spend time with you.

6 Dance Dance

It’s romantic to slow dance with the man of your dreams. Even if you don’t have rhythm, the two of you can learn how to move together. If you mess up, you’ll have something to laugh about with your friends. It’s an intimate act that will make you feel closer. Plus, it’s good practice for your wedding day.

7 Simply Be There

We just want someone to reply to our texts and come over to watch movies with us. We want someone to vent to and to laugh with after a bad day. If a guy is there for you, even after you’re nasty to him, you know he’s a keeper. It means that he understands that you’re not always going to be chirpy and perfect. All we want is for someone to stick around and love us for us.

Hopefully, you’ll all find someone that treats you the way you dream about being treated. What do you wish a guy would do for you? What’s the most amazing thing that a man has done for you in the past?

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