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Sometimes we women just cannot help finding ourselves attracted to men who we know we shouldn’t pursue, the types of men to avoid at all costs. The heart wants what it wants. But our brains certainly know better. If you find yourself wondering if the guy who has caught your eye is a keeper, here is the definitive list of 15 types of men to avoid like the dating plague.

1. The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

At one time or another, every girl has a thing for the guy who just doesn’t play by the rules. He’s perpetually angry, acts like a tough guy and looks damn good while doing it. But the juvenile attraction to the bad boys of our youth can quickly fade when rebellion turns into recklessness. The bad boys will just break your heart... or the law. And these rebels without a clue top the list of types of men to avoid on the dating scene.

The Underachiever


Myrna Sanders
I've known and/or dated guys with one or many of these traits and its sooo true....but the pix of the guys in this article.....omg!!! Foxxxy! Lol
Cheaters, add the men who are not getting enough from their wives, have no balls to communicate with their wives and want to use you for fwb! Chalk that one up. Feel for the wives whose husbands are checking out tons of women to have sex with!
@friknu, oh sweety, don't let him swap you around like that. If you're afraid of being alone, look for someone else then dump him. I wouldn't touch your boyfriend if I were you...STDs are out there. Stay strong, flirt and find a better man!
Beware of the ones that are a bundle pack!!! Lol
They all sounds Like my ex
@friknu, it might be better to be alone than with someone who has broken your trust three different times...people who are truly sorry for the things they do usually at least make an *effort* not to d...
@preeyA, The roving eye-the one who checks out other girls and/or compares you to them.
As for #12...my parents told me not to date anyone seriously that I couldn't marry. This guy is one of those guys...if he doesn't like your family *now*, he *definitely* won't want to marry into it. I...
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