7 Types of Men to Consider for a Relationship ...


7 Types of Men to Consider for a Relationship ...
7 Types of Men to Consider for a Relationship ...

Types of men are hard to pick out aren't they? There is the free-spirited guy, the romantic, the witty guy – so many to choose from! Well ladies, I've got all of the types of men right here for you, that way you can see exactly what you're looking for and you'll be able to find the right man for you. So, let's go ahead and dive right into the top 7 types of men that are perfect for a relationship!

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The Witty/Intelligent Guy

This is the guy that is so much different than Mr. Confidence. This is the intelligent, witty guy that will make you laugh with his sense of humor and that will keep you interested in all of his conversations. He knows his way around any topic of conversation and he knows how to keep it light and airy. This is one of the types of men that are really hard to find!


The Free Spirit

Now, this is absolutely one of the top types of men that most girls are attracted to. This is the bad boy, the free spirit that doesn't want to be tied down, but wants a girlfriend. He's the boy that will go wherever, whenever and will ask you to come along. Of course, it's awesome to have a guy that's carefree, it can be challenging to get him to commit too.


The Romantic Guy

This is by far one of the types of men that most women are looking for, but can never seem to find. This is the guy that believes in real romance. He still believes in flowers, chocolates and presents for his girlfriend. He thinks that his woman is the only in the world. Why is he so irresistible? Well, because who doesn't want to feel appreciated?


Mr. Confidence

Confidence is one of the most attractive features in a guy and a girl. When you're dealing with Mr. Confidence, not only is he totally and 100% sure of himself, but he's also a little assertive and has an aura of power. One thing to keep in mind when you're dealing with a confident guy is that he might not be as considerate as Mr. Romance. If you want someone with no insecurities though, this guy is it!


The Artistic Guy

I've been OBSESSED with the show Brothers & Sisters and Luke. The artistic guy that Sarah ended up marrying (you have to watch the show to get it and trust me – watch it) is exactly what this guy embodies. He's passionate, he's out to woo his girlfriend with paintings or songs. He writes for her or paints her. He's a free spirit but he's also super committed. The artistic guy is by far one of my favorite types of men!


The Foreign Guy

France, England, Italy – we all know that foreign guys are absolutely incredible. Not only are they packed with charisma, but that second language thing is awesome. They can sweet talk you and let you know about all kinds of adventures they had aboard!


Mr. Considerate

Finally, we come to Mr. Considerate. Unlike Mr. Romance, he does not believe – completely in romance, but he is a considerate guy. He considers his girlfriend's feelings, constantly opens the door for her, makes sure that she gets dessert, even if she won't order it. This is totally one of the guys that is a fantastic catch!

Just like there are different types of girls, there are tons of different types of men out there for you to choose from! You just have to find one of the types of men that fits into your lifestyle and with your personality. So ladies, what men do you like? Who'd you like to bring home to your parents? Spill!

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I like mr. considerate, the free spirit, and the artistic guy. Awesome list! As always.

i like the free spirit, witty/inteligent, foreign and definitely mr. considerate

I think you've forgotten the athletic one!

I have a crush but I can't figaur out what type he is

lets go witty/intelligent!!!!

The guy for me is witty/intelligent

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