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Types of Men vary in so many ways. Some are good, some are bad, some are nice guys, some are bad boys. But of all the types of men there are out there, it seems like so many women go for the unavailable type more than any other. Why is that? When there are so many available types of men, why do girls like to go for the type they can't get or shouldn't have. I don't know about that – I only had the one psychology class in college, you know. However, I do have some information about all the types of unavailable men out there, so you can be on the lookout!

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The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy Of the many types of men, the bad boy seems to be the most irresistible. I'll grant you, some bad boys aren't really that bad. However, when your bad boy seems cold rather than simply brooding, when he's too moody to talk to, and when he's completely negative about everything, it's time to move on.


The Married Man

The Married Man Women who date married men may be able to come up with justification – like he's not happy, he's in the midst of a divorce, he's the one cheating, and so on – but the thing is … none of that matters. He's probably not going to leave his wife. Even if a guy is just dating another girl, he's still unavailable. Would you want someone breaking up your marriage or relationship? Odds are, he himself just needs to know that he's still attractive to other women. Don't fall for that.


The Long Distance Lover

The Long Distance Lover Some types of men keep themselves at a distance – literally. Now, I'm not trying to say long distance relationships will never work; the Better Half and I are living proof that they can. However, if your long distance lover shows no signs of wanting to be closer, if you're the one putting all the effort into closing that distance, and if he gives you no set responses about when you'll be able to physically be together, then you've definitely got some thinking to do.


The Guy Who's Emotionally Gone

The Guy Who's Emotionally Gone Worse than the long distance guy is the emotionally distant guy. You may be able to work with someone who lives far away from you, but when a man is emotionally distant … it's almost sure to be a disaster. If he constantly has a wall up and won't let you in, then love isn't going to be a real option for either of you. He just won't allow it.


The Commitment Phobic Man

The Commitment Phobic Man Many types of men seem to be allergic to commitment. This isn't a one night stand kind of man (see below), it's the guy who's dated you for years but isn't ready to take things any further. In fact, he gives no indication that he ever wants things to be more serious. Is it worth the effort to try and push him into something he doesn't want?


The One Night Stand Guy

The One Night Stand Guy This guy is just after the chase. That's all in the world he wants. Once he's landed one girl, he's off to the next one. Not only is this extremely dangerous behavior, but it's emotionally harmful. You don't want to be a notch in this man's bed post.


The Unreliable Man

The Unreliable Man Unreliable guys are just the worst types of men. He doesn't show up, he doesn't commit, he doesn't care. He's a mixture of all the other types of guys mentioned. You might be sure you can change him, but you can't – and you'll likely be left hurt and heartbroken if you try.

While everything comes down to taste, there are simply some types of men you should avoid at all costs, because they will end up hurting you. And there are so many types of men who are good, emotionally and physically available, and ready to be in a relationship. There's no reason to go after the types of men and bad boys who are just after the chase, or sex, or the challenge. Do you have any experience with unavailable men?

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I could use advice about the Long Distance Lover. He's very interested in meeting me in person. So, that's a plus.. (I'm 20 btw..) Anyway, I've found myself in love with him, and I haven't told him. In fact, I won't tell him. Anyway, There really needs to be some tips on how to get the long distance guy more into you. He's into me.. but I REALLY want to seal that deal.

You forgot about the 'future planner' man. The guy who is so focused on planning everything perfectly for his future that he doesn't live in the present, and never actually gets to his future plans because he's so busy planning for them.

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