Undeniable Signs πŸ”„β†•οΈ Your Heart πŸ’• Belongs to More than One ...


So many people like πŸ’œ to say that it's impossible to be in love πŸ’“ with more than one 1️⃣ person, but it's really not impossible at all. It might not be an ideal situation, but then again, you might be interested or actively into the poly lifestyle. Either way, it can be hard to know that you've given your heart πŸ’œ to more than one 1️⃣ person πŸ‘€ simply because it's not the β€œtraditional” way of doing things, so it's not always obvious even to you. So how do you know? Well, for starters, these signs paint 🎨 a pretty clear πŸ†‘ picture.

1. Your Daydreams Drift between One 1️⃣ or the Other … or Both

Daydreaming πŸ’­ about your special someone is something we all do. It's a sign 🚳 that your heart πŸ’œ and mind are divided if your daydreams are equally divided between two 2️⃣ people πŸ‘₯ – or if they include both people. The point πŸ“ is, you can't focus on πŸ”˜ just one 1️⃣ of them, even when you're spinning out silly πŸ˜‹ fantasies in the middle of the day. You just can't make up πŸ‘† your mind. You can't even force πŸ’ͺ your imagination πŸ™Œ to decide between the two 2️⃣ people 🚻 who take up πŸ‘† all your thoughts.

Your Mind Wanders during Sex, Too


@cara I read that too, but it is a bullshit advice. Just embrace who you are, love is beautiful :)
I remember reading somewhere that in this situation a person should always choose the second person they fell for because if they really loved the first person they would never have fallen for the second...
Just make sure you decide who you want to be with before issues arise. If one of them finds out you could be left with neither of them...
I know right tell me about it
This would have been a better read if there wasn't so many emojis. It was hard to follow.
Omg. 😱
We are brought up to be monogamous, our own belief is monogamous; we ourselves desire to be the 1️⃣ and only in a persons life; they don't give us that reassurance so engage in other friendships & before we know it; we fall in love with the 2️⃣ people.
yes I agree - the heart is capable of so much love....... everything you said is true. The reason is that the 1️⃣ st person is failing to commit "All in" so we cover the risk of being alone by engaging in another friendship that goes beyond what we plan.
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