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Even though there’s nothing wrong with having expectations in a relationship, unrealistic expectations can really do a number on your love life. Nobody’s perfect, we all have flaws and we all make mistakes; we’re human, after all. So don’t expect to have a perfect relationship that can live up to your high expectations or hopes because such a thing is not possible. Even though when you look at people’s Facebook pictures, they all seem always happy and in love, just keep in mind that you are only seeing the happy aspects of their relationship. Don’t worry about the fact that everyone else seems way happier in their relationship than you; you are just seeing it from one filtered angle. Here are a few unrealistic expectations that can ruin your love life:

1. In a Good Relationship, Conflicts Don’t Occur

This is one of the most popular unrealistic expectations that people have regarding their relationship. The truth is that conflicts occur in any relationship, no matter how well the partners get along with each other or how much love they have. Everyone fights with their partner every now and then. The important thing is to learn how to fight fair to solve those arguments in a more productive way.

Your Partner Should Always Understand Your Feelings


Omg And please don’t lose your identity when your in a relationship... don’t depend on the other person to make you happy. Don’t become wife material before you are his wife and for Pete’s sake, don’t become his mom! He is a grown man.
#7 ... always arguing... then something isn’t getting fixed in the relationship
Natalia Elias Hermiz
Good advice
Taylor Jacobson
Refreshingly good advice. Relationships are work, and that's OK. Reminds me of M. Scott Peck's amazing book, The Road Less Traveled, where he talks about how real love is work. I also really enjoyed Tara Padua's free book, 9 Mistakes That Kill Your Love Life.
Amy N
this is very hopeful
Good article I've learnt a lot about myself through relationships and how I can b unreasonable too like setting too higher standards we've all got our faults and should reflect on that .. I like my sp...
I have such a unrealistic relationship. I have a certain meaning and thought on my relationship an I always know it was wrong but at the same time maybe men should just be what their woman wants and don't be a fuck up!!!
@Lavinia so true!
We are taught that relationships if with the right person should be effortless. I agree that healthy relationships are hard work and you've got to invest in them. The fairytales only show you how they got together, they didn't show us whether they stayed together.
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