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7 Unrealistic Expectations Women Have of Men ...

By Vladlena

There is a set of unrealistic expectations women have of men, which have been gradually shaped through Nicholas Sparks’s novels, romantic movies and even Disney shows. We get so caught up with these high expectations that we often mix our fantasies with reality and forget that those ideal men don’t actually exist. Here are 7 unrealistic expectations women have of men.

1 Know the Right Things to Say

One of the unrealistic expectations women have of men is that they should know the right things to say. We are all familiar with the scenes in romantic movies when the main male lead knows exactly what to say and how to say it so that the girl he loves falls for him. The main female lead suddenly gets smitten and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, in reality that rarely happens. Sometimes it is more likely that men say the exact opposite of what we want to hear. We set ourselves for disappointment when we use fictional characters as a guide to choosing a partner.

2 Fight for Us No Matter What

In real life no guy will run through the airport like a maniac to stop us from leaving, stand outside our door the whole day in the cold nor continuously try to win our heart back when we shut them out. They might try their hardest to make the relationship work but they won’t go to extreme lengths to make a point. We need to stop believing that they will wait for us their whole lives and snap back into reality.

3 Understand Us

We often long for a man who will understand every aspect of us, but in reality men do not have a clue what is going on in our mind, just like we don’t know what is going on in theirs. As hard as we try to find a guy who will be able to read our mind, we will never be successful at it. It is an unrealistic expectation that is completely unattainable.

4 Resemble Our Prince Charming Concept

A good majority of women have a checklist when it comes to picking a guy. We are all searching for a package that consists of good looks, humor, stability, patience, trust and loyalty. We all long for our Prince Charming! However, searching for the perfect guy might be as easy as finding a flying pig. We all know that Prince Charming doesn’t exist but for some reason we still subconsciously search for him.

5 Take Care of Everything

One of the gender roles that men have is the responsibility of taking care of the family. A real man has to be able to have financial resources, connections and problem solving skills, but in reality, how many men can do it all? This expectation puts a lot of pressure on the male population and while for some these qualities are completely attainable, others have a hard time reaching the ‘standard.’

6 Masculine Yet Sensitive

Another expectation that is required in a man is masculinity and strength. He is supposed to protect and support his family but yet at the same time he has to be the exact opposite of that and have a sensitive side. I can only imagine how confusing it may be for them to please the female population!

7 Nonstop Romance

I think we can thank Nicholas Sparks for making us wish that every guy who walks this earth has a romantic bone in his body. We have high hopes for our significant other to be romantic, and then continuously outdo himself the next time. It is a hard expectation to live up to!

Just like men have high expectations for women, women set unrealistic requirements for men. However, none of us are perfect! What are some other unrealistic expectations of men that come to mind?

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