7 Very Useful Tips on How to Feel Comfortable in Your Relationship ...


In the beginning of a new relationship, it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous and apprehensive, but once the time passes and things are getting more serious, it’s extremely important to learn how to feel comfortable in your relationship, so you won’t let fear affect your happiness. For some people, those anxieties that were present in the beginning of their relationship will disappear and they don’t even have to make any efforts to achieve that; it all comes naturally. Others may find it a bit difficult to let their guard down, especially those who have been hurt before, since they don’t want to experience that pain again. That’s why they tend to build fences around themselves, to protect themselves better. In the long term, this behavior can seriously affect the stability of your relationship and even your happiness. That’s why you should address this uneasiness, so you’ll be able to feel more relaxed when you’re around your partner. Here are a few very helpful tips on how to feel comfortable in your relationship to keep in mind so you won’t let fear affect your happiness:

1. Get to Know Your Partner Very Well

One of the most important things you should do to learn how to feel comfortable in your relationship is to try to get to know your partner very well. Find out all about their interests, their passions and notice how many things you two have in common. You will feel more comfortable when you’re around them and you will let your guard down without worrying that they might hurt you.

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Mia Renee
This actually helped me a lot....although it's everything I know....it's always nice to hear confirmation from someone else. I'm going through this exact thing the pre relationship stage so this was awesome
Disappointed that the main improvements addressed in #4 are body related. It's important no doubt, but there are other things to consider that also should have been mentioned.
Lol #3. "I know this is only the first date but I AM THE BATMAN"
Esther Bloise
i can't finish reading any of the articals. wat wrong aith this app
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