7 Videos πŸ“Ή You and Your BF πŸ‘« Should Make as Mementos πŸ’ΏπŸ“€ ...


If pictures are worth a thousand words, what are videos worth? You and your boyfriend should take a break from snapping selfies and put your phone on video mode. That way, you can tape yourselves doing a few fun activities together. Here are a few video ideas that you and your boyfriend should test out, so you can watch them back when you're old and gray:

1. Challenge Videos

There are dozens of different challenge videos on YouTube. Check them out and then try the ones that you like the best. You can play the seven second challenge, where you ask each other to do silly activities in seven seconds. Or you could play the tin can challenge, where you take turns eating unknown foods out of tin cans and try to guess what you just put in your mouth.

Goodnight Videos


great ideas! Will definitely try the goodnight ones.
These are great ideas. I especially love the goodnight videos. They would be great for long distance relationships.
Olivia ChapΓ©
Sweet ideas!
Great ideas. We're moving next month. So I might do a house tour :-)
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