Want a Perfect Relationship? Here Are 9 Ways to Avoid Hurting Your Man's Feelings ...

It’s easy to think that men don’t really get their feelings hurt. The truth is, they probably don’t get their feelings hurt quite as often as women do. But, they do still have feelings. Men just don’t show their feelings as much as women do! Here’s a handy little list with a few things you can do to avoid hurting your man’s feelings!

1. Don’t Criticize or Share Private Jokes in Public

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Eeeek. This had got to be the #1 way to quickly destroy a man’s feelings or his ego (or make him mad at you!). It’s great to have inside jokes as a couple. But bringing them up to his buddies or even his mom is probably not the best idea!

2. Avoid Arguments with This Tip

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Instead of using accusatory words and phrases like “You never text me when you’re going to be late getting home” try using something closer to “I would really like it if you could shoot me a quick text if you have to work late so I can know what to expect!’. This tip can help completely sidestep an argument!

3. Skip Using Words like “always” and “never” during Disagreements

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It’s probably unlikely that your sweetheart NEVER EVER wipes the sink after brushing his teeth or ALWAYS leaves trash lying on the table. Even if something seems to happen quite a lot, it’s better to avoid using superlatives in favor of a nicer term.

4. Acknowledge when He Goes out of His Way for You

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Do you ever wish that your spouse would bring home flowers more often or surprise you with lunch at work? If you want to encourage behavior like that, make a big deal when he does little things that you like! Don’t be fake; just respond in a big way! Brag to your friends about it. Even if this type of behavior is normal for your guy, still remember to acknowledge it. Just like girls like to be appreciated for the little things we do, so do guys!

5. Always Introduce Him to Friends

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The quickest way to make your guy feel unimportant is to not introduce him at gatherings where he doesn’t know many people. Take the time to make a quick introductory and explain the connection to your acquaintances.

6. Don’t Discredit What He Wants

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After you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to think you know what the other person wants. And maybe you are certain that he would prefer Dr. Pepper over lemonade. But when it comes to other things, don’t make a decision for him or act like what he chose was not a good idea.

7. Ask His Opinion and then Honor It

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If your man says he loves to see you wear peach lipstick, then wear it for him sometimes! If he hates it when you cut bangs in your hair, don’t cut bangs. At the very least, if you don’t plan to honor his opinion, then don’t ask it.

8. Skip Constantly Reminding Him of Mess-ups

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No one likes to be reminded of his or her goofs! You boyfriend probably feels bad enough about the time he had to work on your anniversary and then was late to dinner when you rescheduled. There is no need to bring it up once or twice a month.

9. Always Be Honest above All

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Honesty is always the best policy! The worst thing you can do is lie about something, and then have your man discover the truth. Knowing that you lied, even if it was for a good reason will definitely cause hurt feelings in your honey.

When it comes to relationships it is definitely not all about one person. I know I’m guilty of taking my man for granted or pushing his feelings to the side on more than one occasion! These tips help me remember to consider his feelings too. How do you keep from hurting your man’s feelings? Share your awesome relationship advice below!

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