5 Warning ⚠️ Signs a Breakup πŸ’” is Coming for Girls Wondering πŸ’­ if It's the End 😒 ...

Have you ever been in a relationship that broke down very quickly, in your opinion at least? There are some warning signs a breakup is coming that you should be on the lookout for.

Sometimes people can be so content to just be with somebody that they can miss out on important signs that all is not as is perhaps should be and that a breakup is coming. If you can train yourself to pick up on some of these signs, then you can do a lot of work to protect your heart from being broken out of the blue. Breakups are never fun, even if they are somewhat amicable, so pay attention to these five key warning signs a breakup is coming.

1. Frequent Breakups and Make-Ups

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One of the biggest warning signs a breakup is coming is fighting. The act of arguing, splitting up and then immediately getting back together doesn’t mean that your love for one another is too strong to be broken up by a silly row. It means that you are settling and returning to a bad situation because you don’t necessarily want to be alone at this moment. If you are constantly hurting each other to the point of breaking up once a month, then it might be healthy for both of you to just call it a day.

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