7 Ways He'll Brag about You to His Friends ...


7 Ways He'll Brag about You to His Friends ...
7 Ways He'll Brag about You to His Friends ...

Your boyfriend is crazy about you, which is why there are different ways he'll brag about you to his friends. He might not sit them down and point out all of your amazing qualities, but he'll tell them in his own way how awesome you are. Even though you aren't around to hear him say the compliments doesn't mean that they're not special. Here are a few different ways he'll brag about you to his friends and family:

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He'll Show Them Pictures

Men are visual creatures, which means he'll want to show his friends just how hot you are. Even if they've seen you in person, he'll show off all of the cute (appropriate) Snapchats that you've sent him. It's just one of the many ways he'll brag about you. He won't even need to say anything, because the picture will speak for itself.


This is his way of quietly trumpeting your relationship to his inner circle, a sign that he's genuinely proud to be with you. And if you've been wondering, these aren't just casual, forgettable moments—these are the snapshots he considers badge-worthy moments, his visual trophies. Sure, he could go on and on about how amazing you are, but a picture is worth a thousand words. And in his eyes, each one he shares is filled with a thousand reasons why you're incredible.


He'll Compare You

If one of his friend's girlfriends won't let him hang out over the weekend, he'll make a comment about how cool you are when it comes to those things. He'll make subtle comments about how much better you are than any other girl out there--but he'll never say it straight out. He doesn't want to be rude, of course.


He'll Repeat What You've Said

His friends will be talking about something random, and it'll make him remember something funny that you said the other day. Even though his friends might not care, he'll proceed to tell the entire story. He thinks you're a riot and he wants his friends to feel the same. Humor is important in a girl.


He'll Brag about Your Skills

His friends can see how gorgeous you are, but they'll never know how good a kisser you are unless he tells them. That's why he'll casually mention how amazing you are with your lips and hands the next time they ask how you're doing. He can't help bragging, because there are so many amazing things about you.


His excitement is palpable when he recounts the story of how you expertly solved that tricky problem at work. He'll gush, with a twinkle in his eye, about your wizardry in the kitchen after you've whipped up something effortlessly delicious. Your intelligence and creativity, he tells them, are just as breathtaking as your smile. It's not just superficial pride; it's a deeper admiration for the person you are, and he wants everyone to know it.


He'll Talk about Plans You Have

If you're planning a trip to Florida, he'll be excited to share the details with his friends. It shows that your relationship is getting serious. He won't have to tell them how much he cares about you, because bragging about the trip will get the point across.


He'll Mention Shared Interests

If him and his friends are die hard hockey fans and you don't mind watching the game, he'll be thrilled. His last girlfriend refused to be in the same room when the game was on, so he's happy to have you. He wants his friends to know that you're down to earth, and like all the right things.


He'll Be Happy

He can brag about his happiness without saying a word. When his friends see how awake and alive he's been lately, they'll know that it's all because of you. They'll be thankful that you make their friend so happy, so don't worry about whether they like you or not. Even if they're not your biggest fans, they'll appreciate you for making their friend so happy.

Whether you think he does or not, your boyfriend brags to you about his friends. He might not even realize that he's doing it, but he always is. Do you brag about your boyfriend often or do you try to avoid talking about him?

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I do brag about him in obvious cute ways, he doesn't need to know but I know he feels the same about me 💕

geezzz, my BF's doing all. love him to the moon and back

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