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If you and your boyfriend get carried away, you'll need to know ways to cover up a love bite, otherwise known as a hickey. You might be proud of the mark because it shows that someone loves you, but your parents and professors don't want to see it. It's inappropriate to show at work and school, so make sure you know all the ways to cover up a love bite. Here are a few of the simplest ones:

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Apply Make-up

Make-up does a great job of covering up your blemishes, so why not use it to cover up your latest hickey? Grab some concealer and foundation to apply to the area. Make sure that you blend it in, so that it doesn't look like you have a discolored patch of skin that will draw attention to the area. A little bit of make-up is one of the best ways to cover up a love bite, because you should already have the necessary products in your cabinet.


Wear a Scarf

If it's cold outside, no one will suspect a thing when they see you wearing a scarf. You don't have to lug around a heavy one that is meant to keep you warm from the outside air. You can don a fashion scarf that enhances your outfit. That way, you're killing two birds with one stone.


Cover It with Hair

Wearing your hair up will only draw attention to your neck. If you have locks that are long enough to cover the love bite, then keeping it down all day is all you need to do to cover it. Just make a mental note not to push your hair to the side, revealing the hickey.


Wear a Collar

If it's cold out, throw on a turtleneck sweater. If it's only a bit chilly, you can wear a jacket or a shirt with a collar that will cover your neck. As long as you make the outfit appear like something you would normally wear, no one will suspect that you're trying to cover up anything.


Apply a Bandage

If you're already out of the house and have no other way of covering up your hickey, stick a bandage over it. You can tell everyone that you burned yourself with your straightener, that you got bit by a bug, or that you got scratched by your cat.


Avoid Necklaces

You don't want to draw attention to your neck. If you feel the need to wear jewelry, put on some rings and bracelets. Avoid necklaces, because it'll draw the eye to the exact area you don't want anyone looking at.


Try Ice

If you want to get rid of the hickey for good, grab a washcloth and some ice. Wrap the ice up and place it directly over the hickey. It should get the swelling to go down, and if you leave it on for long enough, it should almost disappear.

There's nothing wrong with getting a hickey from your boyfriend, but there are places where it's not appropriate to have one. You wouldn't want to see one on your mother's neck, so your mother probably doesn't want to see it on you. Have you ever gotten a love bite before? Did you cover it up, or were you fine with everyone seeing it?

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i literally told him not to leave a mark because i wouldn’t have time to cover it, and what did he do? leave a mark. it was right on my neck, you could visibly see it even with a collar. i put a bandaid over it and i’ve already been asked twice if i have a hickey 😭

I once got a hickey and then had to go to volleyball practice the next day!

I bruise easily to begin with. It seemed every time I was going to see my family I would have a hickey to hide :/ and I'm no youngin'! Concealer & clothes were my best bet

I hate hickeys especially visible ones. So tacky when I see people with them at work 😒.

thanks for the tips but except put an ice

Do not put ice on a hickey, a friend told me to do it & it made it even worse. Rubbing it usually makes it go away.

How do I make the redness go away after the purple from the hickey fades before school tomorrow 😩

Wet a spoon and put it in the freezer for 10 or more minutes and then put it on your hickey and softly rub in circular motion. Repeat if needed. Lol I'm 41 but I had hickeys in my younger days. It works !

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