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10 Ways Romantics Show Their Partner Love ...

By Lucy

Your relationship will be so much more positive and healthy if you and your partner regularly show love for each other! There are so many ways this can be done, so keep reading for just a few great ideas!

1 Make Time for Them

Make Time for Them It can be hard to juggle daily life activities so make sure you reserve a special day or even just a few hours to be with your loved one. It proves just how important they are to you if you're willing to make time for them on a regular basis.

It doesn't have to be a fancy and extravagant date, just anywhere where you can be yourselves around each other and purely enjoy their company.

2 Give Them Compliments

Give Them Compliments If they mean a lot to you there's no reason why you should hold back on the compliments.

Sometimes we are our harshest critics so it's important to encourage them to feel good about himself and give them praise. Tell them exactly what you like about them and any little habits they do.

This is a great way to create a positive image for their self-confidence and self-esteem.

3 Communicate with Them

Communicate with Them Communication is key, it shows you are ready to listen to what they have to say even if you have a different opinion.

It also allows us to connect and relate to them on multiple levels, ultimately strengthening the bond and bringing us closer to them.

Arguments can be difficult in relationships but find a way to argue in a healthy way that still means you're listening to each other and what they have to say without rejecting their opinion.

4 Give Them Warmth

Give Them Warmth Everyone needs to feel warmth at some stage, especially when times are tough. If they mean the world to you, let them know the second you can and don't let them forget it.

Never turn your back on them or give them the cold shoulder by maintaining an inviting, open and safe space for them to enjoy.

5 Flirt with Them Regularly

Flirt with Them Regularly They want to hear just how much they make you wild with excitement and passion!

Show them your romantic side on a regular basis to maintain that special spark, be playful and catch their attention. There's nothing wrong with flaunting your attraction to them!

6 Be Honest with Them

Be Honest with Them They deserve our honesty and it's important that they know how you feel.

Nothing good happens from being dishonest and it always comes back to bite when they find out it was a lie, feeling deceived and tricked into believing false information.

7 Be Respectful of Them

Be Respectful of Them You're both equals in this relationship, so one of the worst things you can do is belittle your lover and make them feel inferior to you.

We're all humans and deserve to be treated on the same level. Remind yourself that you've found a special person, someone who you care for immensely and think about all they deserve.

8 Be Thoughtful of Them

Be Thoughtful of Them If they're going through a tough time or are dealing with personal issues, be thoughtful and compassionate while remaining empathetic.

It may also help to read between the lines if they are not ready to talk, need some space or time to themselves. It's a given that they will talk to you when they feel ready and all you can do is make sure you're there for them when it happens.

9 Show Affection towards Them

Show Affection towards Them Life is all about the small things.

Remember to kiss them on the cheek when you leave, hold their hand when you're out together, cuddle up to them at night and keep them warm when it's cold outside.

Chances are if you love them you shouldn't be able to keep your hands off!

10 Always Be Supportive of Them

Always Be Supportive of Them Constantly remind them that you're there to help in any way possible, you're there to listen when they feel ready to talk and they can count on you.

Relationships are also support systems and about showing them that they can trust you with their heart and soul.

Support also means listening to the hard and dark truths without judgement, being aware of your reaction if they decide to share private information with you.

Remind them that they aren't alone and you're there help them into a better place.

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