10 Unique Date Ideas Inspired by Your Fave Romantic Flicks ...


10 Unique Date Ideas Inspired by Your Fave Romantic Flicks ...
10 Unique Date Ideas Inspired by Your Fave Romantic Flicks ...

If date night has become lax lately, then you need these ideas from collegecandy.com to help you spice things up. All these fab and unique ideas you probably haven't thought of yet, will revamp your date nights into an extraordinary new bonding experience that you both will enjoy together! Say thanks to your favorite chick flicks for helping inspire this wonderful and creative list!

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Art Night, Inspired by Titanic

face, nose, close up, mouth, organ, I’m not saying your boyfriend has to draw you life one of Jack’s French girls (but hey, go for it if you want!), but take a cue from the artist and go to a BYOB paint class with your partner. Not only will you let out your artsy creativity, but you both get a fun souvenir from the class.


Boat Ride, Inspired by the Notebook

man made object, We all know what happened after Noah and Allie ventured out in a canoe…


Jet Skiing, Inspired by Hitch

vehicle, boating, powerboating, sports, personal water craft, How often does a person get to cruise around the water on a jet ski? Take turns driving or have a race. Just don’t make the mistake Will Smith’s character does (see above GIF).


Stargazing, Inspired by Aladdin

cartoon, underwater, screenshot, anime, illustration, You probably don’t have a magic carpet, but you can still enjoy an evening together on a stationary blanket with a night of looking at the stars. For maximum effect, look up when meteor showers or other phenomena is happening up in space.


Dance Class, Inspired by Dirty Dancing

performing arts, entertainment, dance, stage, performance art, Baby wasn’t a master dancer when she first encountered Johnny, but fast forward two hours and you’ve got a star! If you’ve always been curious about dancing (or have caught an episode of Dancing With the Stars), look up local classes for beginners. Even if you both suck, you’ll get a good laugh out of it.


Pro Sports Game, Inspired by How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

entertainment, music, nightclub, musical theatre, disco, Kate Hudson’s character may have had ulterior motives when she invited her suitor to a Knicks game, but who can resist the energy of a home crowd? If a pro game is too pricey, check out a minor league or local team.


Cruise around in a Pricey Car, Inspired by the Fast and the Furious

car, vehicle, automotive exterior, sports car, automobile make, You’ll have to stick to the speed limit, but if you and your dude can’t resist admiring cars you could never afford or old-school classics, rent it for the day! Find a scenic highway and watch people’s heads turn.


Archery, Inspired by the Hunger Games

clothing, winter, screenshot, anime, Let your inner Katniss out and test your archery skills at a range. Would you survive the Hunger Games?


Create Your Dream House at Ikea, Inspired by 500 Days of Summer

boutique, art, fashion, retail, art exhibition, If you ever find yourself in need of some new furniture or decor, take your s/o to this adult playground. Summer and Tom’s Ikea date couldn’t have been sweeter, even if there was a family in their bathroom.


Horseback Riding, Inspired by the Princess Bride

person, interaction, kiss, If it’s good enough for The Bachelor contestants literally every single season, it’s good enough for you!

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