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7 Ways to Approach Your Crush without Feeling Awkward ...

By Holly

Whether you’re his acquaintance or a total stranger, there are dozens of ways to approach your crush. Some are bold, while others only require a small amount of bravery. Whatever method you choose to use, you’re sure to get his attention. Decide which of the following ways to approach your crush would be best for you, and then put it to the test. You have to try in order to succeed.

1 Question after Question

If you work with him or have a class together, ask him for his opinion on an upcoming project. If you always see him while riding the train, ask him directions to a certain location. Unless he’s antisocial, any question from you will receive an answer. In order to keep the conversation going, have additional questions to ask after the first is answered. One of the best ways to approach your crush is by posing a question, because it won’t be hard for him to respond. Just don’t question him so much that he thinks he’s on a quiz show.

2 Honesty's the Only Policy

“Hey, you’re in my chem class, right? I’m not sure how we haven’t spoken yet. I’m Elizabeth.” It’s as simple as that. Of course, you should substitute the generic ‘chem class’ with wherever you actually know him from and ‘Elizabeth’ with your actual name. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done.

3 I Spy

If you see your crush reading a certain book, wearing a band shirt, or listening to music, start up a conversation about it. He’s obviously a fan of it, so he should be happy to have a chance to talk about it. If you’ve never heard of the author he’s reading or the band he’s listening to, don’t pretend that they’re your favorite. A lie will be easily found out. It’s better to say that you’ve been looking for new books to read, and ask him if he recommends the one in his hands.

4 Help, I Need Somebody

If he lives in the apartment across from yours, you can be bold and ask him for help with your car. If he’s studying from the same textbook as you, ask him if he can explain a certain concept to you. The task doesn’t have to be complex. It could be something as simple as asking if he’ll hold your coffee for you while you tie your shoe. Whatever works.

5 Consumer Compliments

You don’t have to compliment a physical feature, like his beautiful blue eyes or muscled arms. It’ll feel more natural to comment on something that he’s carrying with him. If your crush is on his phone, compliment him on the case. It can lead to a conversation about new upgrades and your favorite apps. When it comes to technology, there are so many things to discuss that you’ll be talking to him all night.

6 Collide with the Guy

If you’re leaving the same building, try to time it so that you hold the door open for him. After a brief exchange of ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome,’ you can continue the conversation. If you’re on a bus together, you can choose the seat next to him. Since you’re already nearby, it won’t be weird for you to begin talking. In fact, it would be even more weird if you sat there quietly.

7 Common Complaints

It’s not good to be pessimistic, but it helps to vent a little. Bonding over something that you both hate can be simpler than finding something that you both love. If you’re in the same line at the supermarket, you can complain about the long wait or the prices. Just be careful, because you run the risk of having him disagree with you. If he’s optimistic and upbeat, this could backfire.

Be brave and go talk to that special boy! Are you on speaking terms with your crush? Do you think your relationship is going to go anywhere?

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