7 Things His Flirting Moves Can Tell You about Him ...

By Holly

7 Things His Flirting Moves Can Tell You about Him ...

If you’re trying to dissect your crush’s actions, there are things his flirting moves can tell you about him. Every guy shows his affection in a different way. His personality is going to determine the way that he chooses to flirt with the girls he’s interested in. Here are some things his flirting moves can tell you about him and what he wants:

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Pet Names

If he calls you by a specific, personalized nickname, that’s adorable! However, if he alternates between calling you ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie,’ without ever using your name, there could be a problem. If he flirts around, he uses those generic names in order to keep from calling you the wrong name. One of the things his flirting moves can tell you is if you’re his only girl, or if he’s trying to get with everyone he sees. Of course, he might just like the sound of the word ‘baby,’ so don’t jump to any conclusions, unless he shows multiple signs that he’s a player.


Flirting is a great way to show someone that you’re interested in them, but it can also be a sign of something else. If a guy is using generic pet names like ‘baby’ or ‘sweetie’ when he’s flirting with you, it could be a sign that he’s trying to flirt with multiple people. If he’s calling you by a specific, personalized nickname, that’s a good sign that he’s interested in you and only you.

Flirting is a great way to build a connection with someone, but it can also be a way to test the waters and see if the person is interested. If a guy is flirting with you, pay attention to the words he uses and the way he looks at you. If he’s making eye contact and using your name, that’s a good sign that he’s interested. If he’s using generic pet names and not making eye contact, that could be a sign that he’s just trying to get with everyone he sees.



If he high fives you and teases you, he’s flirting in a friendly way. It’s important to be friends first, so he’s helping build a strong relationship. Whether he realizes it or not, his playfulness is helping relax you. If he flirts by using this fun, carefree method, it shows that he’s always willing to make you smile.


Playfulness is one of the most common ways that a man will flirt with a woman. If he high fives you or teases you in a friendly way, it’s a sign that he’s interested in you and wants to build a strong relationship. Playfulness can be a great way to break the ice and make a woman feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also shows that he’s willing to make you laugh and have a good time.

Playfulness is often an indication of a man’s social skills. He’s likely to be more confident and outgoing if he’s comfortable enough to tease and joke around with you. He’s also likely to be more open to trying new things and taking risks.

Playfulness can also be an indication of a man’s emotional maturity. If he’s able to joke around and make light of a situation, it shows that he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and open up to you. He’s also likely to be more understanding and supportive of your feelings.

Frequently asked questions

If a guy gives you a nickname, it could be a sign that he's flirting with you. It might mean he feels close enough to you to use a more personal or playful form of address.

Yes, giving nicknames can be a way of flirting. It shows he's trying to create a special bond or inside joke between the two of you.

Shortening your name can be a sign of familiarity and comfort. It might suggest he's trying to build a closer connection with you.

When a guy calls you pet names, it's often a term of endearment. It could suggest he has affection for you and wants to express it in a playful way.

When your crush calls you a nickname, it can be a sign that they are interested in you. They might be showing that they've noticed you in a special way and want to be more intimate or friendly.


Hot Vs Pretty

Does he casually compliment your earrings or comment on how sexy your legs look? It’s important to realize the difference in compliments that you receive. Two people can tell you how great you look, but in very different ways. It’s a better sign to hear that he loves the way you look in your dress than that he loves how tightly it fits. The latter suggests that he’s only interested in your body, and isn’t afraid to say it.


Only when Alone

You have to be careful if he only flirts with you when the two of you are alone. He could just be shy, but he could be hiding something. If he treats you like everybody else when you’re in public, it might mean he doesn’t want anyone to think you’re involved. If he’s flirting with you in private, how many other girls does he flirt with in private? You might not be his only interest.



Touching is a common way to flirt, but you should pay attention to how he does it. It’s sweet for him to touch your arm or even leg as he’s telling a story. It’s not so sweet for him to try to cop a feel while you’re out in public. If he doesn’t know the time and place to get intimate, then you should have a talk with him, or simply walk away.


Touchiness is a very common flirting technique, but you should be aware of how it is being used. If he is touching your arm or leg while telling a story, it can be a sweet gesture. However, if he is trying to cop a feel while in public, that is not acceptable. If he does not know when and where it is appropriate to get intimate, it is important to speak to him about it. If he does not understand boundaries, it may be necessary to walk away from the situation.

It is important to pay attention to the way he flirts, as it can tell you a lot about him. If he is overly touchy or too aggressive, it could be a sign that he is not respecting your boundaries. Additionally, if he is too shy and does not make any effort to flirt, it could mean he is not interested. Being aware of his flirting moves can help you make decisions about whether you want to pursue a relationship with him.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana


If he flirts with you one day and ignores you the next, he might not be all that interested in you. Notice when he pays the most attention to you. Does he only flirt when you’re wearing something gorgeous? If so, you don’t need him. A man who genuinely likes you will want to be around you all of the time, no matter what you’re wearing.


Friends do the Work

If he gets a friend to find out if you’re single, he’s too shy to figure it out himself. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless his friends continue to be involved. You don’t want to be with a guy who is too timid to ask you out himself. You can’t go on a date with him if he won’t speak up.

There are always multiple possible reasons behind a man’s actions, so your crush could be the exception to these rules. Do you currently like a certain guy? Does he flirt with you?

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My dude calls me Pooh. I remember the very first time he called me that. It was 2 weeks after we started talking. We've been together for 1 yr and 5 months. He's never called me by my real name since then. I love it. Even when were upset he still call me Pooh.

Love this , they're all true !

No one flirts with me anyway

Great post!

There are two guys, they both make jokes and tease me. Or it might be friend zoning.

True but what If he calls u by ur full name nick name n baby ??

Haha! All true! Too bad he's taken. Will just stay in the friend's zone and nothing more than that!