7 Ways to Get Your Guy to Be More Affectionate with You ...


Are you looking for ways to get your guy to be more affectionate with you? Many women are. Sometimes guys can get so wrapped up in what they are doing or are interested in that they forget to be affectionate. It may be a habit that he has gotten into or part of his shy personality to not be very affectionate that he can overcome. Whatever the cause, there are still ways to get your guy to be more affectionate.

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Smile at Him when He is

First on the list of ways to get your guy to be more affectionate with you is to smile at your guy when he is affectionate. Let him know that you appreciate that and it makes you happy. When he sees that what he is doing is making you happy, he is going to be encouraged to do more of it. It is rewarding to him to get a smile from you. So be generous with those smiles when he is affectionate.


Pull Back a Bit

You know, sometimes our guys are not affectionate with us because we don’t give them the chance to be. We just take the initiative and do it ourselves then we wonder why they aren’t affectionate. Try this experiment. Pull back from him a bit and see what happens. When you are not constantly giving him affection, you may discover that he is rather affectionate after all. He just didn’t have the opportunity to do so beforehand.


Tell Him You Enjoy That

If you never tell your guy that you enjoy his affection, he may not know how much it means to you. Although you certainly cannot speak for all, most men are not as naturally affectionate as women are. Think about how many women hug when they see each other or will reach out and touch someone’s arm while they are talking and think about how most men do not do those things. Sometimes a guy just needs a little verbal encouragement and reinforcement to understand it matters to you. Just making a few little comments can totally be a game changer.


Compliment Him when He Does

When he does show you affection, compliment him. Tell him that you love it when he puts his arm around you. Tell him that you are happy when he reaches for your hand. This goes along with smiling at him. It reinforces what you want to see more of. And we all like positive reinforcement.



This is a very fun way to get your guy to be more affectionate. Flirting will bring him your way. Flirting is a way of letting someone know you are interested but it is up to them what they do with it. That is just my personal definition. There is no reason we should stop flirting once we are in a relationship with someone, either.

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Have a Serious Conversation about It

Sometime, if a lack of affection has been going on a long while or your guy is not as affectionate as he used to be, you may need to have a serious conversation about it. Tell him that you miss his affection or that more affection would make you happier. Men are not women. They may have not even noticed that they are being less affectionate. Sometimes talking about it is all that is needed to fix it.


Give Him Time

You know, sometimes you just have to give a guy time to become affectionate or catch on to the signals you are sending him. That is okay. It can certainly work. There is also the chance that he may not be an overly affectionate guy and is not going to change. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you; it may just be who he is.

There are a lot of things you can do to get your guy to be more affectionate. What have you tried that has worked? I am sure all the readers would love to hear more on this subject!

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this would have saved me lots of drama haha

Living with a semi-unaffectionate man I have had to use a few of these ideas and thank you for adding to my list!!

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