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10 Ways to Break a Heart ...

By Natalie

Learning how to break a heart is hard. While you might not want to break someone's heart, sometimes it is necessary. If you are trying to learn how to break a heart, I've got some tips here. Remember though, when you learn the ins and outs of how to break a heart, you should only use these techniques if you truly aren't happy in your relationship and are in need of a way out.

1 Lying

When I ask someone how their poor heart was broken the most common answer I receive is that someone lied to them. I’m not talking about the little white lies like telling someone their awful new haircut is ‘really nice’. I’m talking about the important things. Lying to your partner is not something that you want to do unless you are looking for ways on how to break their heart.

2 Cheating

Again it stands to reason that cheating on your partner will never go down well and that old excuse of ‘I thought you cheated, so I did too’ just isn’t good enough. I never would dream of cheating on anyone, but if you feel passionately about the person that you are cheating with, it might be best for you to break up with your boyfriend before you get involved with someone else. Cheating is a surefire way on how to break a heart.

3 Leaving

Sometime you just have to be somewhere else I guess; it’s sad but true. By leaving I mean going somewhere else completely like leaving your city or even your whole country; maybe for a job, or to go away to college. Admittedly it can be just as painful for the one that has to leave too.

4 Changing

What’s sad about this way to break a heart is that sometimes the change is for the better but your partner just can’t hack it. Becoming more confident, getting a better job, or losing a lot of weight are the usual changes. If he loved you enough it wouldn’t really matter though.

5 Playing

Not as in being a ‘playa’ but more as in playing hard to get. If you’re determined to break a heart, then pretending to be into them when you’re really not, or even vice versa, is a sure fire way to do it. The worst thing is that when they eventually lose interest you’re also at risk of having your own heart broken.

6 Flirting

Some people like to put flirting in the same category as cheating but it my book it’s definitely not. The danger here is that a partner can feel inadequate, unloved, and out of the loop. Then again, flirting is part of life and relatively harmless.

7 Insulting

Constantly giving grief and teasing your partner about their personality traits can not only lead to low self-esteem but also eventually, heartbreak. I mean, what’s the problem. Someone wise once said that ‘every relationship is a mirror, and we find in our partners the things that we hate in ourselves’.

8 Gossiping

It’s a funny, men are probably the biggest perpetrators. Talking about your partners’ bedroom ability, their inadequacies and even their performance can lead to some messy situations if it gets back to them via the wrong people. Do you really want big Bob from the bar to know about the special something-something you bought to wear to bed?

9 Boasting

I guess it’s similar to gossiping but not quite the same and again, it is one that occurs more to the boys than the girls, but not always. See a girl thinks her man is really in love with her for her ‘personality’ when she hears him boasting about how he scored a ‘trophy’. Fail.

10 Pretending

This really is a heartbreaker from both sides. Pretending to be in love with someone when it is just not true really makes life hard for both. Breaking up is hard too but in the long run it’s just more sensible to get it over and done with. You should never pretend anything when you are in a relationship.

So that’s it, 10 Ways to break a heart. I’m sure there are many more, everyone’s heartbreak scenario is a little different. Even falling out of love is a painful way to go; how have you had your heartbroken in the past and how’d you deal with it?

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