7 Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity ...


7 Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity ...
7 Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity ...

Playing games is not a favorable way of captivating a man’s interest, but there are ways to be mysterious that can eventually become habitual and natural. Men love mystery because they are constantly being surprised and pulled in farther to the unknown. This will prevent him from being bored with you after a short time of dating. These ways to be mysterious can be useful in the beginning stages of dating or even after years of marriage.

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Eye Contact

There are many ways to be mysterious, and racing up to a guy in a crowd full of people the moment you see him is not one of them. If you’re interested in someone, an effective way to tell him is by catching his eye. Making eye contact is a subtle, mysterious way to get a guy’s attention without appearing too interested. If the both of you maintain eye contact for a few seconds, he will feel summoned to you thinking it was his own idea. Men normally need a push to approach women, and this should be just enough to do the trick.


Don’t Be a Sharer

Only answer personal questions if asked. Men are under the impression that every woman’s greatest pleasure is talking about herself. He will be impressed and intrigued by one who has little to say about herself and would rather discuss other things. Don’t be shy or ignore him because this may give him the impression that you aren’t interested. The whole point of refraining from sharing is to prevent him from boredom and make him eager to learn more about you. It is also safe to keep your mouth shut because many women resort to complaining, gossiping, and problems when there’s nothing else to talk about.


By keeping some details to yourself, you create an aura of mystery. After all, too much information can lead to predictability, which is the antithesis of intrigue. Focus instead on the world around you, ask him questions, or delve into topics of mutual interest. Remember, conversation is an art—it is about balance and bringing forth your charm without laying all your cards on the table. This selective sharing not only keeps him guessing, but it demonstrates confidence and self-possession, which are inherently attractive qualities.



Instead of being a sharer, be a listener! Don’t seem overly fascinated by what he has to say because that doesn’t appear mysterious, but definitely listen. If you pay attention to specific detail, it will be helpful in appearing mysterious in the long run. In months to come, when you remember that negligible story about his dad being totally controlling, he will be mystified by your attentiveness. If you really long to appear mysterious, ask him few questions, refrain from anything personal, and act as if his answers are borderline dull.


Have Scattered Interests

Don’t change yourself to impress a man and certainly don’t lie, but having unusual likes and hobbies will maximally spark his curiosity. A woman who is passionate about something is an attractive woman. If you adore a certain animal, he will wonder what it is about that animal that appeals to you. If you meditate, volunteer, or are a member of a certain club, your partner will be impressed that you are unlike other women in these special ways. Having your own life and being careful to not expose –and brag about—it to others is very mysterious and helpful in dating. Men like women who are individuals and unafraid to be themselves.


Be Unavailable

This is a difficult quality to convey. Some women think appearing unavailable means ignoring every call and text they receive from men. This tactic is a risky way of losing his interest. You must remind him that you are interested in him while still being sometimes unavailable when he wants you. Instead, don’t wait for him to contact you, but go about your daily life, and make yourself busy. You have to be available sometimes in order to remain relevant.


To strike the right balance, it helps to share just enough to keep him curious about your life's details. If you're out with friends or focusing on a personal project, share snippets, but not the full story. This approach ensures your time feels valuable, and he'll be intrigued by the pieces of the puzzle you leave out. Think of it as giving him a taste of your world, but not laying the entire banquet before him. Your occasional unavailability should feel natural, not contrived, maintaining an air of mystery that piques his interest.

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Be Unreadable

Facial expressions are a subconscious giveaway of feelings. Don’t be completely expressionless, but be conscious of how you react to things he does and says. Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh at his jokes because if you don’t, that might come off rude. Your goal is to be mysterious, not stuck up. Maintain a straight, composed face, and he will constantly be wondering what you are thinking.


Don’t Be Too Impressed

Men like a challenge. When a girl is blatantly googly-eyed in his presence, he is aware of her affection and eventually will see no reason to try harder. Say "thank you" when appropriate and definitely don’t ever be cold towards him, but whatever he does for you, act as if you’ve had better. This may seem cruel, but men need to be encouraged to try harder. Be grateful of how he treats you, while still giving the impression that you could easily find similar treatment elsewhere. Men like to be the best, and he won’t quit until he’s fully pleased you.

These are only the basics of being mysterious. The key is just to be discreet and your unique self. Have you ever played these moves on a man? Do you have any more helpful tips to share with us?

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I really like this guy in school and I think he likes me back I keep on catching him glazing my way but the problem us I get really nervous when u want to talk to him please please give me advice someone anyone!!!! Sorry for the long paragraph!!!!:)

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