7 Ways to Distinguish if You Love Him with Your Head or Heart ...


To listen to the head or heart, that is the question. Some people fall in love instantly while others are more cautious. But what is the driving decision maker when it comes to love: the head or heart? Find out which to pay closest attention to.

1. Do You Love Him or the Idea of Him?

To find out if your head or heart is in love with him, ask yourself: Do you love him or the idea of him? Sure it takes time to truly fall in love with a person but reflect on your intentions about the relationship. If you feel that you are in love with the idea of being with him because he’s Mr. Popular or puts on a tough guy act while he’s around you, you may only be loving him with the image your head is showing you.

Does His Personality Drive You Crazy or Giddy?


Make you think better just going through a break up and this sort of makes you think did I really love him thank you
Kat Kay
@Skye-Louise well said, I couldn't agree more.
Wow ladies I have just been through the same thing and feeling better but heart broken too. :(
Yana Kalinina
agree 100% 🌹
I love this article! I also believe there's a difference in loving someone and being in love with them. People mistake/confuse the two. You can love anyone, but you can't be in love with just anyone b...
How I love this! Just parted from the kindest man I've ever met because only my head was in love. It was hard but my heart knows I have done the right thing. Thanks for your article :-)
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