8 Life Lessons Your First Serious Relationship Will Teach You ...


You’ve probably heard people talking about their first love. It leaves a real mark on your life! Your first real relationship is jam packed with lessons and learnings and magical moments, and if it doesn’t last, it’s where you’ll pick up a lot of the knowledge that you take forward into other relationships. Want to check if you’ve missed any? Here are the things that you’ll learn from your first serious relationship.

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Privacy Isn’t Bad

When you’re first in a relationship, you want to tell everyone. It’s not unusual for you to become a bit like a groupie – you’ll prioritise things so that you can spend more time with your partner, your social media will become a shrine to them, and you’ll talk about them to anyone that will listen. But when it ends, you can often regret letting so many people in. Sometimes it’s nicer to have things just between the two of you – even when it’s not about breaking up, just about having some sweet moments together. Privacy isn’t negative.


It’s Really Easy to Be That Person

Everyone always says that they would never ditch their friends for a man, or say mushy things, or get jealous, or force your partner to do something that they weren’t keen on. But when you’re in the moment, it can be much harder. I mean, how much can they really hate a Valentine’s Day trip to Paris? Sure it’ll be busy, but it’ll make you so happy! You do all of those things that you said that you’d never do, because you suddenly understand why people were doing them in the first place.


Your Friendships Grow up

Your first real relationship is a testing moment for friendships. Suddenly, your friends aren’t your number one priority. They’re not the first people that you’ll turn to when you’re upset. You won’t tell them everything anymore. In fact, you’ll probably tell them a lot less, because you won’t be able to recount hilarious dates and your partner might get a little boring after a while. Balancing things can be tough. You won’t lose real friends, though, your friendships just grow up.


It’s Not All Crazy

Those initial stages of crazy, passionate, can’t-concentrate-on-anything-else love just can’t last. I mean, you need to hold down a job and see friends and live, and you can’t do that if you’re spending all your time counting down until you’re back with your SO! Once the honeymoon phase finishes, you’ll move on to a comfortable, slow, less intense stage. It’s still love, but it’s different. That’s okay, too. You’d never be able to keep up that craziness without getting crazy yourself.


Trust Isn’t Guaranteed

You’ve probably sat in a conversation where someone has announced that they trust everyone, until someone breaks their trust. That’s easy to do, if there are no consequences. If you love someone, though, and they break your trust, it hurts. There’s nothing you can do to stop the pain. That makes blind trust much more difficult. You might be surprised at how difficult it can be at times. Don’t take it for granted.


Green Eyed Monsters Lurk Everywhere

Jealousy isn’t a good look, and it puts relationships under a whole host of stress. At first, it might feel romantic. I mean, they care about you so much that they are protective of you! Why wouldn’t you want them to care? But it becomes stifling, and there’s something just indescribable about knowing that your SO looks through your phone every time you leave the room. Be aware of your own green eyed monster, and your other half's. Keep them in check. Bail, if you can’t.


When It’s over, It’s over

Perhaps one of the hardest life lessons from your first relationship is that if one party has decided that they want out, it’s over. There’s nothing you can do. There’s no magic answer that makes it all okay, no replays. You can’t win them back and if you did somehow manage to, it wouldn’t be the same anyway; it’d be ruined and different and heartbreaking. You’ll be heartbroken if someone has moved on, and it’ll hurt, and you’ll want to ignore it and change their mind and flee all at the same time. The good news is that you’ll get over it, and you’ll be as good as new.


Advice Isn’t Flawless

Asking for advice is normal. Not liking what you hear and choosing to ignore it is also pretty normal. Relationships are one of those areas where this often happens. Sometimes you’ll see that someone’s advice, however well intentioned, doesn’t fit your problem, or isn’t right for you. Sometimes you just don’t want to take it. Sometimes you might want to ignore it and come back to it later, when it feels less raw and you can cope with it a little better. You’ll figure out, eventually, that you’ll work things out in your own head, and that while asking for advice helps that process, you don’t need to take the advice and you don’t need a reason why you will or won’t. Don’t stress it.

It’ll hurt, when your first relationship falls apart. There’s nothing that I can say that will make it any less painful. It’s worth it, though, for those beautiful moments and memories. While it’ll hurt at the time, you’ll be able to move on and look back with a big smile. And all that pain helps set you up for better future relationships, too. What lessons did your first relationship teach you?

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@yogeeta it indeed makes you more mature.

Me and my first real love have recently broken up (on his terms). He still wants to keep in contact, and anytime I want to call him I can. He was such a nice and honest person, and probably the first guy that has treated me with respect with the time that we spent together. It's been 5 days now since we've not been together (as we were planning this weekend together) and its really really hard. With the first two days just crying, I still find moments I don't know what to do with myself (apart from more crying), as we spent the weekends and tuesday evenings making dinner, cuddling watching Fringe, doing day trips to places. I'll be going back to work soon and just checking my shifts for the next two weeks are also making me upset because I know that all I'll be doing is working, coming back to mine, sleeping and repeating, instead of going somewhere different and relaxing and feeling loved in the arms of my first.

Amazing :)

The first real relationship makes you so much more matured !! Your so happy u found that one person who gets you totally and the world is such a great place !! But beware when that magic ends u doubt the very foundation that once made u happy !! But don't give up things get better😃

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