7 Things You Never Forget about Your First Love ...


Your first love is always going to be special to you, no matter how old you are or how many people you date. It was your first experience with love and the memories of that’ll stay with you all your life. Some of them are good and some of them, maybe not so much. These are 7 things you never forget about your first love.

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The First Time You Saw Him

You’ll never forget the first time you saw your first love. You’ll probably even remember where he was and what he was wearing. You may even remember what you were wearing or what you said the first time you spoke. It’s possible that your first love was someone you knew a long time before you ever began a relationship, too. In that case, you may have more vivid memories of the first time you felt interest spark between you.


The First Time You Kissed

A memory that’ll never fade is the first time you kissed. I remember mine as well now as I did the day it happened. You’ll remember how you were standing. You’ll remember exactly where you were. Most of all, you’ll remember how magical that first kiss was.


The Fun Times You Had Together

Your first love will always be a special part of you. After all, they captured your heart when it was young and love was new to you. You’ll have tons of memories of all the fun times and the laughs you shared. Those memories are special and are something you can pull out to enjoy whenever your spirit needs a lift. They can make you smile even on the worst days.


How Long the Relationship Lasted

Your first love could have been a schoolgirl crush that lasted a couple of weeks or it may have lasted much longer. No matter if it was a month or a year, you’ll always remember the details. It won’t escape your mind how long you were part of each other’s lives. That’s something you’ll remember with fondness. You may not remember the specifics of other relationships you’ve had but you’ll remember this about your first love.


Why You Broke up

I’ll never forget the reason my first love and I broke up. The details of a first love breakup are firmly set in your memory. You’ve probably had the same experience. You know exactly when and where things went wrong with your first love. You may even remember it with a twinge of sadness when you think about it.


How You Moved on

For all of us that didn’t end up staying with our first love, and that’s the majority of people, you also remember how you moved on. Maybe you had a new crush or there was a new love interest in your life. Your first love could’ve found someone else to pursue. It may have been that the relationship just played itself out. Whatever the situation, you’ll recall how you moved on with your life.


The Lessons You Learned

Lastly, you’ll never forget the lessons you learned about the time in your life that you shared with your first love. There’re a lot of lessons that you can take away from a first time love. You learn about your own feelings and how you should honor them. You take some baby steps into learning about romantic relationships. You also learn about the power of yourself and moving on.

These are 7 things you never forget about your first love. What sticks out as a powerful memory about this time in your life? I’d love to hear your stories.

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Every experience makes u who u are today.

I love that I I am married too having a big one

I never told him I loved him..😞

Yh so true


So true! My first love we're beautiful memories! I will never forget! :)

I married my first love and we celebrate our year anniversary June 20th!

oh my!! i think im his first love

I've to reteach myself on some lessons...

I'm always going to be with my first love, we're both on the same page in our lives :)

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