Memorable Ways to Make the First "I Love You" Perfect ...


Memorable Ways to Make the First "I Love You" Perfect ...
Memorable Ways to Make the First "I Love You" Perfect ...

Saying "I love you" for the first time is a very special moment. It sometimes happens spontaneously where you just blurt it out, or sometimes you need to lead up to it, to feel the moment is right. If you are not the spontaneous type and want to make sure you get it right, here's what to do to make your first "I love you" as special as can be.

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Don’t Hold Back

LOVE, YOU, One of the best ways of saying I love you for the first time is to let it all out and don’t hold back with your emotion. Telling somebody that you love them for the first time is an important and vulnerable moment on both sides, so you don’t want to come across as anything less than 100% genuine when you finally pluck up the courage to say it. They will appreciate that you are wearing your heart on your sleeve and giving them your all.


End of a Date

screenshot, love, you, You have just been to a see a movie and had dinner at a great restaurant, and as you are giving each other a lovely goodnight kiss, you quickly whisper the words in their ear, turn around and leave. If you can pull this off, you are a complete boss, and leaving them alone to ponder the bomb that you have just dropped means that you both give each other a little bit of space to digest what has just happened; there is no immediate pressure for reciprocation.


Snail Mail

black and white, finger, hand, arm, monochrome photography, Is there anything more exciting than receiving a piece of old fashioned snail mail that isn’t from your bank or from a boring catalogue company? Go super old school on your partner by writing them a hand written letter revealing your love for them. You can really go all out by using pretty stationery and expert craftsmanship, and then the letter can be kept as a memento of the date when you finally professed your love.


Great Food

mammal, cartoon, horse, screenshot, We all know that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so set the scene as best you can by either preparing your partner’s favorite meal for them or taking them out to their favorite restaurant. By doing this, you are basically telling them that you love them even before the words have come out of your mouth, and when you finally do utter them, your partner will be so happy with the entire evening that there is zero chance of anything going wrong!



musician, music, singing, nightclub, If you are the kind of couple that loves nothing more than to spend an evening at the karaoke bar, make the most of your shared hobby and go all out with a song dedicated to them that will definitely get the message across. This is a great option, because depending on how you are as a couple, you can pick a soppy love song or a more quirky song to match your personalities.


Shower Message

black, white, black and white, photograph, photography, Bathroom steam messages are common rom-com fodder, but they can actually be a really cute way of revealing your feelings for someone without having to be there to face possible rejection. A shower message catches the recipient off guard and can be a great surprise.


Flash Mob

people, performing arts, dance, sports, each, If you really want to make a statement, then why not join the bandwagon of public flash mobs that have taken over the Internet in the last few years? Get some of your friends involved and create a public stunt of love declaration that you partner will never forget!

Where and when did you say "I love you" the first time? Was it as precious as you hoped?

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