17 Words Romantic Girls Should Use in Texts with Their Love Interest ...


17 Words Romantic Girls Should Use in Texts with Their Love Interest ...
17 Words Romantic Girls Should Use in Texts with Their Love Interest ...

If you want to say something so sweet that it'll make your man swoon, then look no further. You don't have to write him poetry in order to impress him. You can just send him a simple text message that contains a few key words. To help, here are a few words that romantic girls should use in text messages:

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Unconditional Tell him that you love him unconditionally. You can even send him a link to the Katy Perry song about it.



Passionately Instead of simply telling him you want a kiss, tell him that you want to kiss him passionately. It just might turn him on.


This text encourages women to be more assertive and passionate in their relationships with their love interests. Using the word "passionately" when discussing a kiss can be a powerful way to express desire and ignite romance. Expressing passion can be a great way to spice up relationships and show your partner that you care. Passionate kisses can also be a great way to build intimacy and connection. With the right words, you can make your partner feel special and loved.



Soulmates If you truly believe that you're with the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with, then you can call him your soulmate. It'll be the best compliment he ever gets.



Heavenly You can either tell him that he smells heavenly or that he sings heavenly. He'll be flattered by both compliments, so don't hold back.



Ecstasy This isn't just a drug. It also means "an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement."



art, underwater, illustration, If you think that calling him your boyfriend is too cliche, then you can call him your beloved.



Blessing Tell him that you feel like you're blessed, because you have him in your life. If he's religious, then he'll find this compliment extra special.



Breathtaking Don't tell him he looks sexy for the hundredth time. Tell him he looks breathtaking instead.



Charming This is the perfect word to use to describe an ideal man. It means that he has a personality that is as attractive as his looks.



cartoon, anime, illustration, drawing, sketch, If he asks you if you had fun on your date, tell him that it was delightful. It's a cute little word that isn't used as often as it should be.



cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, interaction, Let him know that you're devoted to him. In other words, you'll always remain faithful to him. You'd never even dream of cheating on him.



cartoon, romance, interaction, illustration, Tell him that you're filled with desire whenever you catch a glimpse of his abs. It's a sneaky way to tell him how sexy he is without actually saying the words.



cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, interaction, You can tell him that he has an endearing grin the next time he sends you a cute SnapChat of his face. It'll be the firs time he hears a compliment like that.



Intoxicating Tell him that his kisses are intoxicating. They always leave you craving more.



dog, dalmatian, mammal, cartoon, dog like mammal, Tell him that his lips are kissable. In fact, you can tell him that his stomach and abs and thighs are kissable, too.



Luscious Use this word to describe his lips. Either that, or you can use it to describe his booty.



anime, screenshot, If you want to talk about the sexual tension you two have, then you can describe it as magnetic. There's just something about him that pulls you closer.

If you use these words in your text messages, you'll turn your boyfriend to mush. Try it and see for yourself! What's your favorite word to use when you're texting your boyfriend?

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@Courtney sure thing not - just tap more ;)

I wouldn't want to try these on a guy until I am serious with him. It might scare them off. Very powerful words.

@Christine Ilagan Ij

Very powerful words. I wouldn't use them on him unless we were serious. It might scare him off.

I just read until number 2

This is sweet

I can only get to #2 on all posts?

@bookworm obviously 😂

Oh hell yeah!!

Pls anyone answer

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